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"Made in Ningbo" plastic machine and its export to India are blocked.

recently, the Indian government has frequently issued a number of trade policies, which has hindered the real high-end and technicalization of relevant industries, and the export of plastic machines to Ningbo, India

in a number of announcements related to the import of Chinese products announced by the General Administration of foreign trade of India, the import of toys that do not meet international safety standards will be banned until at least January 2010

at the beginning of this year, India banned the import of Chinese toys for health reasons. Later, China questioned that India did not implement the same standard for toys from other countries, and the tensile strength and impact strength reached the maximum, forcing India to loosen

in addition, India has also made new regulations to implement compulsory certification of pneumatic tires, passenger tires, commercial tires and inner tubes of all pneumatic tires for two - and three wheeled motorcycles. According to the new regulations, it is necessary to go to the Central Research Institute of Indian highway transportation, the designated institution in India, for testing. In the short term, it is likely that due to procedural problems, it will be difficult to obtain Indian permission for tensile tests, and the Indian logo on the tires will significantly increase the cost due to changing the mold, which will make the tires with large export volume in our city face difficulties

in addition, India also stipulates that in the future, those without IMEI (international mobile equipment identification code) shall not be imported into India. According to the estimates of people in the foreign trade and economic cooperation industry in our city, in the past, India imported about 800000 Shanzhai machines from many foreign trade companies in some parts of China, including Ningbo, and most of them did not have IMEI code. Because of their low price and powerful functions, they were very attractive to Indian users

it is also understood that recently, relevant enterprises in Ningbo exported injection molding machines to India and were subject to anti-dumping duties

since May 12, temporary anti-dumping duties have been imposed on all types of injection molding machines with a clamping capacity of 40-1000 tons exported from China to India. For example, Ningbo Haitian Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Ningbo ligung Machinery Co., Ltd., Ningbo starfish Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Haitian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. have been subject to tax rates ranging from 95% to 128% respectively

according to the statistics of the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, in the first half of this year, Ningbo exported US $270.76 million of Indian products, accounting for 1.59% of the city's exports. The export of the same period last year was US $403.33 million, a year-on-year decrease of 32.87%

a person from the Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau reminded that under the current shrinking demand in the international market, enterprises should change the direction of exporting Indian products in time, understand and track the technical requirements of the new standards, and update and adjust the production process

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