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U.S. packaging machinery exports increased significantly

the statistical report of U.S. packaging machinery exports in September and the report of packaging machinery manufacturing organization PMMI showed that compared with a year ago, U.S. packaging machinery exports increased by 7%, with a total amount of $646 million, indicating that U.S. packaging machinery exports are expected to break the record of $1billion for three consecutive years

"the recent U.S. statistical report is good news for PMMI members. Production should meet the needs of the" overall system ", that is, the global consumer and industrial goods market," said Charles D. yuska, chairman and CEO of PMMI. "The market has proved that PMMI members have a good reputation in the world in manufacturing flexible, efficient and safe packaging machinery."

the sales volume of domestic packaging machinery also shows the strong development momentum of the packaging machinery industry. Earlier this year, the PMMI US manufacturing plan research report predicted that the brand popularity of packaging machinery (including domestic) would further expand in 2006, and the sales volume would increase by 3% to $5.854 billion, maintaining the growth momentum for the fifth consecutive year

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