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On November, the 13th China Plastics Expo was held in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. Relevant data revealed that affected by the markets of the United States, Europe and Japan, China's plastics exports will fall by 20% in 2011, which is the year with the largest decline in the past two years, However, it is gratifying that the performance of the domestic market is acceptable

Economic experts at the 13th China Plastics Expo analyzed that affected by the international economic situation, the overall performance of the chemical industry showed a downward trend, and the plastic industry showed the most prominent performance

in the traditional development of foreign trade, plastic export business is mainly focused on export processing. This year, how to build a healthy, competitive and viable inter enterprise economic environment does have a great impact on the plastic export industry. Therefore, such a signal makes some pessimists smell a little uneasy

according to the estimation of the development situation over the years, the growth rate of domestic engineering plastics this year is at least 15%. Think about it, such a huge decline in the growth budget and practical significance has to make people who are committed to the development of this industry stunned. Therefore, although there is no official data, many people in the industry have felt vaguely uneasy, such as in the meeting, Industry experts said: we are witnessing huge risks in China's market investment and export

paulpang, general manager of CMAI's regional consulting in China, seemed to be more worried about the changes in the Chinese market. He also said at the meeting that China's chemical projects may achieve a soft landing due to the economic slowdown, and only 25% of the chance is to achieve a "hard landing". In fact, there are many tense factors in the global economy. It seems that the European problem is more powerful this time

China resin Association and Sinopec Economic Development Research Association also mentioned in the data: affected by the debt crisis in Europe, natural disasters in Japan and economic weakness in the United States, the export volume of China's three major plastic export markets - the United States, Western Europe and Japan fell by more than 30% in the first July. Changes in the export market have made some enterprises face difficulties in their development, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that have been mainly engaged in export business, However, in other parts of Asia and emerging markets, the export of plastic products performed fairly well, which offset the huge pressure of the three major markets in Europe, America and Japan to a certain extent

spokesmen from Sinopec plastic industry experts, the head of China Petrochemical Association and the executive director of IHS also said that the development of the plastic export industry this year has shown a huge gap with expectations. According to the data of Sinopec Beijing headquarters, plastic exports may fall by 20% in 2011, equivalent to 11 million tons rising to a fixed position

small and medium-sized enterprises that export to domestic sales will receive the attention of the government

of course, we should treat the decline in export volume correctly. Although the data performance is poor, it still maintains a high historical level. Sinopec recently issued a statement that it would formulate a plan to export 12million tons of high-quality products in 2012

due to the influence of the three major markets, China's plastic products exports have been blocked.

paulpang said that due to the influence of the North American and European markets, some plastic enterprises have not developed satisfactorily in recent months, and some enterprises' exports have fallen by more than 60%. However, some businesses showed signs of improvement in September, mainly due to the increase in orders due to the arrival of foreign traditional festivals, such as the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province

in order to cope with the downturn, China's economic policy plan will focus on the stability of small and medium-sized production enterprises facing crisis and impending bankruptcy, so as to improve the balance between promoting growth and anti inflation. Graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosive coatings have passed the 5000 hour salt spray test, 2000 hour 5% H2SO4 resistance and 2000 hour 5% NaCl immersion resistance and other third-party testing tests

"The large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, the real estate industry and export-oriented enterprises that were able to drive the market in the past can no longer drive growth, just as the low-carbon economy can no longer drive growth in the new era and new stage. Our attention should be broader or more focused. For example, a survey of more than 40 plastic processing enterprises organized by an Internet company shows that export-oriented enterprises have been exposed to the decline of their products The domestic market performance has maintained the growth level of the market over the years. Therefore, if we can effectively adjust the local market situation, it may be better. For example, in developed cities and Northern China, there is always a lot of room for the development of market rigid demand in these regions. " Shuzhaoxia, director of China Chemical economic data center, said

for the current situation, many analysts have also summarized some reasons, among which the low profit income and excessive plastic processing capacity are also one of the challenges facing the plastic processing industry

guoyongxin, deputy director of China Light Industry Information Center, pointed out that at present, the average annual profit level of plastic enterprises is 4.9%, which is lower than the national average profit level of 5.45%. Overcapacity and lack of independent innovation are the biggest problems. At the same time, there are too many small and medium-sized enterprises that have not made significant achievements and innovative products in this field, which means that product profits cannot be improved, which will eventually lead to enterprise consolidation and consolidation. Some people in the industry predict that in the next five years, we will see great changes in this field, which has also played a positive role in promoting the development of domestic plastic enterprises

in the consumption structure, China has great potential consumption space. At present, the per capita consumption rate of plastic in China is equivalent to the level of South Korea in 1990. In the next five years, the demand in the domestic market will continue to rise, which will also promote the more stable demand in the Chinese plastic market

according to Sinopec, China's economic growth will remain at about 9% this year, and the industrialization of China's inland provinces will reach a growth rate of% as in coastal areas. It is expected that the domestic plastic market will not be lower than last year's level

however, Shu Chaoxia said that due to the gradual implementation of the international economic stimulus plan, many new problems will appear in developed countries in the next three years, while developing countries will also slow down their economic development by controlling inflation, and the pace of the plastic market may slow down accordingly

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