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New Japan wireless pushes a low-voltage differential regulator with an output current of 1A

New Japan Radio (NJR) has developed and completed a low-voltage differential regulator with an output current of 1a. This product is most suitable for ultra-thin TVs, DVD players, video recorders, desktop computers, laptops and other equipment, and samples are now available

njm2855/56 is composed of reference voltage source, error amplifier, output element, current limit protection circuit, heat cut-off protection circuit and on/off control circuit (only njm2856 is equipped). By optimizing the phase compensation of the internal circuit, not only the output capacitor can use 2.2 μ F ceramic capacitor to support, and can achieve high ripple suppression rate (75dbf=1khz, vo=3.0v products), low noise (45 μ Vrmstyp.) Excellent AC characteristics and output voltage accuracy (the experimental results are more accurate ± 1.0% than the digital display box)

for the voltage requirements required for various applications, all products with an output voltage of 1.5V ~ 5.0V (0.1vstep) can be widely matched with this product. In addition, due to its small size, 2.2 μ F ceramic capacitor, so the intensification of circuit board can be realized. Njm2855/56 adopts TO-252 packaging, and the back welding pad is GND potential, so the exothermic design is relatively easy

is the action of sliding plate, thimble, tooth retraction structure and limit switch accurate? NJ Airbus A350 innovatively adopts aluminum lithium alloy to make the fuselage skin and floor structure m28553. The plastic tensile testing machine must be operated without load before use to ensure that there is no fault before it can be loaded for use/56 with the following characteristics, it is the most suitable power supply for tv-dvd and other AV machines, as well as PC related products

small 2.2 can be used μ F ceramic capacitor

excellent AC characteristics (high ripple suppression, low noise, fast transient response)

± 1.0% output voltage high accuracy

io=1.0a large output current

since the back pad is GND potential, the exothermic design is relatively easy

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