The latest iPhone may use a rear three lens to enh

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The new iPhone may adopt the rear three lens enhanced zoom function

recently, according to foreign media reports, Apple's iPhone launched next year may adopt the rear 3D sensing module to realize augmented reality images, in which fly-time ranging is the main sensing technology. According to the latest report of Deutsche securities, Apple will replace TOF technology with three lenses

chinaplas, a technology analyst at Deutsche Securities said that the main camera of the new iPhone will use three lenses for imaging, two of which are used in stereo vision technology, and the other is a telephoto lens, which users zoom to shoot. For the new iPho, our company has been at the forefront of the industry in the production of experimental machines for so many years. The supply chain of NE camera modules currently includes daliguang, Sony, sharp, LG Innotek and Alps

in short, the addition of the third lens is likely to enable iPhone to achieve 3x optical zoom, that is, users can enlarge the image in the viewfinder to 3x, without reducing the image quality by "stretching" like digital zoom

however, there are many third-party voices in the industry, that is stereovision. The difference between this technology and "three lens" and "TOF technology" is that it takes images of a single object from different angles through two or more camera modules, and then obtains the distance between the device end and the object by triangulation. It has the advantages of power saving and long-term outdoor operation. It is widely used in the field of 3D cameras, ar/vr devices and robots

it is revealed that the iPhone with three chemical material lenses is likely to be a function reserved by apple for level iPhone, so if accurate, this one may be released in September 2019. Judging from the current situation, the launch of the new iPhone will definitely bring more new functions. Let's wait quietly now

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