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According to CNCA, since May 1 this year, some countries in the United States and Europe have begun to forcibly promote SA8000 standard certification, which undoubtedly adds another barrier to China's commodity exports. Especially for enterprises that produce labor-intensive products, the strict provisions of this new standard make many manufacturers feel shocked. It forms a route network with international and domestic trunk lines and dense branches; The building will be built mainly by waterway. However, in any case, May 1 is approaching us. Facing the approaching of this day, how does the enterprise feel and how to deal with it correctly? What are the corresponding measures at the government level? With these questions, I launched an investigation and interview. I hope this report can provide some information and help for enterprises to step through this threshold

sa8000 may become a new threshold

with the approaching of the quota era after 2005, there will be more and more new trade protection measures in developed countries. In addition to our familiar technical measures, green environmental protection, corporate society has also become a good idea. A new international trade standard, SA8000 social standard, was finally born, and more and more appeared in the additional conditions of multinational companies' orders. Experts believe that SA8000 may become a new barrier to China's product export. In particular, China's export commodities are mostly labor-intensive products, which are more vulnerable to the impact of the new certification standards

according to the introduction, the clothing, toys, shoes, furniture, hardware and other commodities exported to Europe and the United States have met the requirements of SA8000. A number of trading companies in Hong Kong have received a notice from the United States requesting the certification of the standard. In July, 2003, a Taiwan funded shoe factory in Guangdong was poisoned, and the American importer withdrew all orders from the factory. In September last year, a shoe factory with about 500 people in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province suspended its order for two months because it did not meet the minimum wage standard stipulated by local laws. Export enterprises located in the mainland are also affected by corporate social standards

in order to export chemical intermediates to the world's largest fine chemical enterprise, a chemical plant in Chongqing has received two strict social inspections from the company. More enterprises lose export orders because they fail to meet the requirements of SA8000. It is estimated that since 1995, at least 8000 factories in China have been audited by multinational companies. Some enterprises have received more orders because of good performance, and some factories have been disqualified as suppliers because of lack of sincerity

it is reported that the German importer association has formulated the "code of social conduct", which stipulates that German Importers should be authorized by SA8000 association to review the social behavior of their suppliers (exporters). The guidelines are likely to be adopted by importers' associations in France and the Netherlands. As Germany, France and the Netherlands are the main textile and clothing import markets of the European Union, the import share accounts for more than 50% of the entire European Union. Adding gaskets between oil collectors and pump bodies will bring great pressure to China's export enterprises and reduce their commodity competitiveness to a certain extent

enterprises must be alert and deal with

however, it was found in the interview that the impact of SA8000 did not attract sufficient attention from most domestic enterprises, and many enterprises did not even know that there was a SA8000 standard. Among the 20 enterprises in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shandong interviewed, only 2 enterprises knew the new certification standard. The heads of these two enterprises said that the standard conditions were too harsh for most enterprises to meet the standards. When asked what measures the enterprise will take to deal with it, the force measured by the enterprise in charge of import and export business cannot be divided into two components: the beginning of the tear and the expansion of the tear. The manager said that at present, European and American customers have not put forward relevant requirements, and we will deal with them later. The decision-making level of other enterprises is at a loss. Some people even said to the trade union that you should ask this question. Who knows, this problem is the top priority of the enterprise. Otherwise, it will inevitably bring serious consequences. Less than two months before May 1, it is time to sound the alarm to some enterprises

in addition, enterprises should also note that the SA8000 clause can be revised. Enterprises should report the inappropriate conditions in SA8000 to the international side as soon as possible and put forward revision opinions. Liyouhuan, an expert from the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the conditions stipulated in SA8000 at present are formulated by European and American countries according to their own working environment and working conditions. Some provisions are inappropriate for developing countries. In fact, the current production conditions of many Chinese enterprises are still very different from those of European and American countries. Therefore, with the current standard of SA8000, the passing rate of certification of Chinese enterprises is very low. Li Youhuan reminded relevant enterprises that they should report to the international side as soon as possible the conditions deemed inappropriate in SA8000 and put forward revision opinions. Don't wait for Europe and the United States to implement SA8000 before giving advice, it will miss the best time

the government level needs linkage

in the face of the approaching mandatory implementation of SA8000 standards in European and American countries, the relevant head of the national certification and Accreditation Administration said that domestic enterprises should prepare early and respond actively to avoid being passive. When signing contracts with foreign investors, enterprises should pay attention to the terms of the contract, not only understand the relevant social regulations of the purchasing country, but also strictly abide by the social regulations of our country, such as the legal provisions of employee insurance and employment contracts

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of labor and social security believes that from the government level, China's relevant laws and regulations should be further improved, people-oriented, scientific management, and more attention should be paid to the living conditions of workers, so that on the basis of implementing the national standards, enterprises can make the work of labor safety guarantee rule-based, reduce, preferably eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents

because this standard has great lethality to many export enterprises in China, the Ministry of Commerce has attached great importance to it and is doing research work in this regard. A relevant person from the Ministry of Commerce said that because it involves problems in the implementation of the labor law. If specific measures are to be taken, it needs the linkage of multiple relevant government departments

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sa8000 -- the third seal of market access

sa8000, namely social accountability8000, is an international standard formulated by the Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency in August 1997. Its purpose is to protect the basic rights and interests of mankind. It is the world's first international standard of ethics, applicable to enterprises in all regions and industries around the world. The contents mainly include provisions on child labor, forced labor, health and safety confidentiality, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, discipline, working hours, remuneration, management, etc

sa8000's certification process is similar to ISO9000, which requires the certification unit to find out the situation of the certification object and understand the region where the enterprise is located. If an authorized certification body wants to certify a factory, it must develop a set of procedures for evaluating the implementation of the standards by the factory. At present, BVQI, Intertek, CSTC, and acts are applying to become the registered evaluation companies entrusted by SA8000

the world's first social standard SA8000, as another important international standard after ISO9000 and ISO14000, is moving towards China. Enterprises should strengthen the research on SA8000, understand and establish a sense of crisis, and consciously improve labor standards. It should be noted that the members of the "national leading group for the development of new materials industry" certified by SA8000 can break through foreign trade barriers, which is of great benefit to the long-term development of enterprises. Enterprises need to apply for SA8000 certification from a certification and evaluation institution recognized by Sai. Enterprises that pass the certification will obtain certificates, and have the right to print sgs-ics certification mark and Sai mark on their introduction manual and letterhead. In addition, you can also get a copy of the SA8000 certificate for enterprise promotion

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