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When the new Internet comes out, the manufacturing industry needs to update the thinking process

after getting up early in the morning in the future, you take a bath, then weigh yourself on the scale, and then go out to exercise. You are going to have breakfast when you come back. At this time, you will find that the door of the refrigerator cannot be opened. It turns out that the scale is connected with the refrigerator. When the scale finds that you are overweight, it timely conveys this message to the refrigerator, so the refrigerator warns you that you are not allowed to open the refrigerator to eat. All this seems to be a fantasy, but it is indeed a true portrayal of the future digital life. Recently, the cngi-cernet2/6ix project, the core of the CNGI demonstration network of China's next generation interconnection demonstration project, passed the acceptance in Beijing. With the application of this technology project, our life and traditional manufacturing thinking mode will change significantly

the new generation of Internet technology is widely used

it is understood that the so-called China's next generation of Internet actually refers to the establishment of a real meaning supermarket, shopping malls, the use of plastic shopping bags generally reduced by more than 2/3 in the sense of the network foundation of digital life. The application of this interconnection will enable almost every possible thing to have an IP address; The transmission speed and transmission mode have changed significantly, with faster speed and higher efficiency; There will be more strict management norms, together with the only determined IP address protocol, to ensure that the network is unblocked, while ensuring management and security, hackers, virus attacks are well documented; You can go on the highway in any way at any time and anywhere, and anything possible will become a part of the networking life

for example, with next-generation interconnection, in the future, we can build a high-speed wireless/mobile access network for next-generation interconnection, flexibly and conveniently access the next-generation interconnection network by using a variety of information terminal devices, including, visual, PDA, etc., to achieve full roaming, and realize urban intelligent traffic management in combination with global positioning system GPS, reflecting the large address space and mobile characteristics of IPv6. In addition, it can also establish a virtual reality environment with real-time remote control function, realize remote instrument control and virtual laboratory, and carry out telemedicine, etc

it is undeniable that China's next generation interconnection demonstration project CNGI, which has been launched for three years, will have far-reaching significance for China's scientific and technological circles and even the whole society

get rid of dependence on foreign key technologies

it is understood that the cngi-cer-net2/6ix project passed this time has achieved four major innovative achievements. First, under the background that other countries in the world have implemented the ipv4/ipv6 dual stack technology route, it has creatively built the world's first pure IPv6, which is an innovative technology route to accelerate the transition to the next generation interconnection, thus accelerating the pace of the development of the world's next generation interconnection; Its good comprehensive performance is followed by the groundbreaking proposal of a new architecture of IPv6 source address authentication interconnection, which provides an important guarantee for solving the security risks of next-generation interconnection and becomes an important technical foundation for trusted next-generation interconnection. Third, the transition technology scheme of ipv6overipv4 is proposed for the first time, which solves the technical problems of compatibility, manageability, scalability, reliability and automatic configuration of the transition from the first generation interconnection to the next generation interconnection. It provides an important solution for the construction of pure IPv6 backbone and accelerating the transition to IPv6. Fourth, large-scale use of domestic IPv6 routers in the national backbone, with domestic IPv6 core routers reaching 80%

Experimental theory will also continue to improve and guide technological innovation

in this regard, relevant experts pointed out that the successful construction of CNGI demonstration network has not only established China's leading position in the field of next-generation interconnection, but also has the right to speak. More importantly, cngi-cernet2 has become an important test and application base for China's next-generation interconnection domestic network equipment, This enables China to completely get rid of its dependence on China and introduce other purposeful key technologies and products through functionalization, which will have an important impact on China's Internet industry while ensuring national information security

the manufacturing industry needs to change the traditional way of thinking as soon as possible

Ni Yong of Everbright Securities Research Institute believes that the construction of China's next-generation interconnection demonstration project CNGI is more of a change in thinking for manufacturing enterprises

Ni Yong pointed out that the significance of the cngi-cernet2/6ix project is that it enables more Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers to participate in the construction of key areas of the Internet. At present, domestic Huawei, Tsinghua unison and others have benefited from this, such as the production of IPv6 core routers and so on. The more far-reaching impact is that due to the application of IPv6 network, digital social life also puts forward the requirements for manufacturing products with intelligent functions. He said that in the future, due to the application of IPv6 network, household appliances, cars, homes and other commodities will face a new design concept change

however, Ni Yong does not believe that China's manufacturing industry will have a substantial change in the short term. He said that according to relevant data, in 2005 and 2006, the market scale of China's IPv4 based interconnection related equipment was about 7-8 billion yuan, and the network investment and construction was large. Considering that the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 will take a certain time, and that telecom operators will invest more in 3G in the next 3-4 years, the focus of telecom equipment manufacturing enterprises will certainly not be the supporting products of the new generation of interconnection networks for at least a decade

although it is not the key point, the construction of IPv6 network has undoubtedly become the future development direction of Internet. Ni Yong pointed out that now relevant telecom equipment manufacturing enterprises should pay high attention to this technology and make an early judgment on the future development trend of this technology application. Although in the future, it can be dealt with by outsourcing the production of intelligent software, the necessary technical reserves must not be lacking

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