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What's the difference between lollipopods plus and lollipopods? Which is better?

compared with the previous generation of strollers, lolipods plus and lolipods are much larger. The chip is changed to Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2, AAC and aptx adaptive coding are added, fast charging is supported, master-slave switching is changed, the charging port is changed to type-C, touch control is increased, and switching songs are added. I started with this one myself. It has good endurance, fast charging, semi in ear comfort, and the most important sound quality is bar, The sound is ethereal, and the noise reduction effect is also OK. It is a good cost-effective model for daily household use

wanderer lollipopds plus quote. Let's see what you think

turn to regular users to comment on lollipods and see how the sound quality is

1. Stroller lollipops Picchu version activity price:

deposit: ¥ 30.00, as the name suggests, ¥ 130.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 399.00 activity quotation link:

2. Stroller lollipops Picchu version configuration:

3. Stroller lollipops Picchu version other user comments:

1. Wearing feeling: very comfortable, very suitable appearance material: very good packaging.Oh, cute! For my wife, I like it very much! The replacement of sound effect is simple and convenient; Fruit: the sound quality is good, without any noise

2. It has a good appearance and great love in packaging. Picchu, who is printed on the shell, loves the stroller's things and has always liked it. This headset is really not comparable to the Bluetooth headset he bought for dozens of Yuan before. If you like 5g frequency, it won't conflict with WiFi. You can wear headphones when playing games

3. I always like Picasso. The earphones are also very easy to use. The scientific use of recharged resources can last a long time. The sound quality is also good, and the packaging is also very pleasant. Yellow is the best

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