The latest laser digital die cutting system

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New laser digital die cutting system

digitization has become a trend, which is widely used in all links of packaging production. Digital die cutting technology applied to cartons and labels has long appeared, but it has not been applied to the field of narrow width rotary printing processing until recently. At present, narrow width rotary printing is becoming more and more popular, short edition and JIT orders are increasing in the market, and the demand for digital printing machines is also growing. All these provide opportunities for the development of digital processing system

Mr. Mike Davison of Intech said, "driven by market demand, we worked with ab graphic international, which has rich experience in providing processing solutions, to develop Sabre extreme CO2 laser digital die cutting system. Waiting for your order"

efficient, high-quality, pollution-free The low-cost laser die-cutting system

Sabre extreme system has great advantages from the beginning of packaging production to the completion of the whole process. The front end of the system is softlottm software, which is an effective digital impression workstation. With this software, the operator can input or create die cutting patterns, test them on the virtual machine after processing, and finally apply them to actual production

there are two CO2 lasers in the die cutting part of the system, which has fast die cutting speed and can ensure excellent quality. Its actual running speed is more than 400 feet/minute (120m/min), and the die cutting quality is high. In addition, the system has a positioning controller (position D is about 8% higher than that in 2015), which can provide real-time tracking and ensure the accurate positioning of each picture. Moreover, it has the function of pulse laser energy control, which can be used in substrate 3 of various materials The swing device adopts the buffer design to accurately control the cutting depth. The speed of the controller can be adjusted to compensate for the defects of the product die-cutting pattern, so that the corners and windows can be die-cut

in addition, an important advantage of sabre extreme is laminar smoke control. Using laser for die cutting will naturally produce varying degrees of smoke and particle waste. Laminar smoke control can effectively collect these wastes and minimize the stratification of debris on the laser source and the pollution to the surrounding environment

sabre extreme system is specially designed for web digital printing, which has more advantages than traditional die cutting. It does not need expensive die cutting tools and saves costs. Simply download the die cutting pattern from the prepress department, determine the selected drum, material cutting style and cutting path, and everything is ready, Sabre extreme will start production. Mike Burton, managing director of AB graphic international, said: "This new laser die-cutting technology has the advantages of processing on demand, without the cost of processing and storing traditional die-cutting tools, nor the wear and damage of die-cutting tools. In addition, it also has the advantages of completing the conversion of live parts in a few seconds, with little material waste, real-time tracking to ensure perfect printing and cutting positioning, storing up to 16 live parts on the machine, with the functions of half cutting, full cutting and perforation, and long service life of the laser source 。”

the recently launched Mark II Sabre extreme has made some improvements, resulting in faster cutting speed and better quality. The system adopts the overall modular design, which makes it easier to maintain, including: cleaning the filter and checking the optical components; Coupled with the cooling water system, the actual working life of the laser source is up to 20000 hours. Laser cutting speed depends on a series of factors, such as material thickness, the number of cutting slots, the number of small radius curves and the number of step mutations on the die-cutting pattern

sabre extreme system has a wide range of applications

he believes that

sabre extreme system can not only be easily online with other printing and processing equipment, but also be used offline at high speed. When used offline, it is generally used in conjunction with the slitting, inspection and rewinding system manufactured by ab graphic international. And when offline, its relocation process is simplified. It can synchronize with each repeated action and ensure alignment, so it can operate images with arbitrary spacing. During the test run, Sabre extreme showed various functions, including half cutting and full cutting on various paper and film materials, and finally achieved good results on paperboard

sabre extreme can be applied to omega digicon of AB graphic international, a multifunctional processing machine for digital rotary printing. The servo drive wheel tension control of the system enables it to operate a wide range of substrates, from self-adhesive labels to folding cartons

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