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The new combined packaging makes Bush's baked beans very popular with stores

in today's oversupply retail market, the innovation ability of food producers and the ability to quickly respond to the needs of retailers are constantly being challenged. This pressure often falls on food producers and their suppliers, which makes them have to develop and implement various solutions quickly. For Bush brothers, the solution tailored for its multi packaged baked beans is the unique pantry vendor (TM) distributor produced by graphic packaging Intl

this kind of packaging itself is a good advertising board in the store. Retailers say its role can not be underestimated, it is easy to display in the store, and it can make consumers recognize the displayed products at a glance. Andrew Johnson, senior marketing manager of graphic packaging Intl., said, "one of the challenges that Bush brothers brings to us is to design a combined packaging, which can get more additional display space in the store, and stimulate both planned purchase and impulse purchase. Our answer is pantry vendor, which is related to GPI's patented fridge vendor (R) The packaging is similar. It is a fully enclosed cardboard box with an opening in the form of a distributor, which can be retracted and placed freely, so as to ensure that there is sufficient external surface for printing gravitational surrounding patterns. "

"Bu has no risk of cross infection, no pain, no injury, no anesthesia, and no unintentional disorder. Sh brothers launched an eight can packaging with pantry Vendo dispenser, which is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization. In this packaging, cans are packed side by side, and will roll out when the dispenser is opened. This new packaging replaces the corrugated packaging with shrink packaging Plastic ring in paper tray. Johnson said, "the response from the store was very good." In order to produce this package, Bush brothers currently adopts an integrated packaging system from ckaging Intl., a major manufacturer of aircraft and aviation aluminum alloys in the world, including a quikflex (R) 200 carton making machine, Sus (R) coated primary color kraft board from the company's West Monroe paper mill in Louisiana and cartons from its Fort Smith carton factory in Arkansas

Robby Marti, a processing and packaging engineer at Bush brothers in Knoxville, Tennessee, said: "There are no cartons in our packaging portfolio, and we don't have the ability to produce cartons alone. Graphic packaging has developed a packaging for us, and provided us with a set of cost-effective machinery and equipment. Compared with combined packaging, this is a more ideal solution. Now, graphic packaging covers all of our paperboard supply, carton production and cartoning businesses. This means that we can be more clear from Indeed, it benefits from the scale effect and the improvement of production efficiency. "

in fact, since the introduction of the first set of machinery and equipment, Bush brothers' production efficiency has increased by 96%, and it has ordered a second set of quikflex 200 equipment to meet the needs of stores for products. Martin said, "by using GPI cardboard on GPI equipment, our packaging becomes more compact, and our cardboard weight becomes lighter. We can reduce our production time and production costs, while increasing production. Quikflex 200 is very easy to operate. Basically, you just need to plug in the power supply, and it can start producing products."

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