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New labeling equipment improves production efficiency

in the past 13 years, the Berkeley international mineral water competition has become the most famous competition in West Virginia. In this competition, the best bottled mineral water in the world was selected through water quality tasting activities. This year, this honor was awarded to mountain valley mineral water company

however, the quality of mineral water itself is not the only concern of mountain valley. Recently, the company upgraded the labeling and testing process and supplied labeled bottles to other bottlers. This improvement in the labeling process left a deep impression on the insiders. Only a few years ago, this mineral water company in hot springs, Arkansas, could only use pressure-sensitive labeling equipment to stick bronzed labels on glass or plastic bottles. Now, the company uses rotary adhesive labeling equipment, and the label raw materials used can be provided by multiple suppliers. The label is made of biaxially stretched white polypropylene, printed by six color flexographic printing, and covered with a layer of transparent BOPP film with a thickness of 0.75 mils. Without affecting the shelf attractiveness of products, this move has greatly reduced the label cost of mountain valley

Jesse Coffman, the purchasing agent, said, "this change saves 25% of the cost of the label material compared with the original pressure-sensitive label. Our marketing department is very optimistic about this product. This label material not only has a beautiful appearance, but also its good registration and positioning can greatly improve the accuracy of labeling."

four labeling production lines

the factory of mountain valley has installed four rotating label production lines, which are provided by b&h labeling systems. Two of them are installed in the blow molding workshop, while the other two are installed in the filling workshop opposite the molding workshop. In the blow molding workshop, the labeling speed of the model 1600 labeling production line is 100 bottles/minute, while the maximum labeling speed of the other model 8000s production line can reach 460 bottles/minute. Model 1600 is used for labeling PET bottles. It is applicable to sbo-6 Series 1 produced by Sidel. In addition, due to the problem of production life, the capacity of PET bottles can be 1 liter or 1.5 liters. The model 8000s labeling system is applicable to smaller bottles. The smallest bottle it uses is produced by the side sbo-20 Series 2 bottle making system. Because the nominal stress method does not consider the local plastic deformation of dangerous parts and the influence of different load sequences on fatigue life, it cannot be applied to the low cycle fatigue situation dominated by plastic deformation, and the capacity is only 8oz

"we have also considered other pet bottle blow molding systems, but there is no doubt that Sidel's system is the best solution for us," explained Claude Whitehurst, deputy manager of container production department of mountain valley company, "We evaluate the equipment in terms of production efficiency and bottle quality. Through the experience of Sidel and our own operators, we can achieve the perfect combination of efficiency and quality at the same time. These blow molding systems are very robust and reliable."

some pet bottles produced by mountain valley are directly sent to the filling workshop across the street for filling, capping, packing, etc. after labeling and stacking the arrival plates. A considerable proportion of PET bottles are supplied to other bottled water manufacturers after labeling and palletizing on pallets

the third production situation is that after blow molding, PET bottles are not labeled, but directly stacked on the arrival plate, and then sent to the filling workshop across the street for filling, and finally labeled. In this filling workshop, there are two model 8000s labeling equipment produced by b&h. The filling speed of the filling machine is 850 bottles per minute, and the purpose of using two above labeling machines is to keep the labeling speed synchronized with the filling speed

the fourth production situation of mountain valley company is related to 10oz and 1L glass bottles. It is also filled on the filling production line first, and then labeled by two model 8000s labeling equipment

computer positioning

also led to an increase in processing costs

all four b&h labeling production lines are equipped with computer positioning systems. Chris ferree, deputy manager of the filling Department of mountain valley company, said about the computer positioning system that cutting errors sometimes occur due to inaccurate label positioning in the labeling process, which is a problem often encountered in the mechanical system. With the computer positioning system, the positioning can be automatically detected and the correct cutting can be carried out, which almost completely eliminates the above problems

after detecting the label cutting mark, the positioning system sends a signal to the equipment processing machinery, and then the label is immediately sucked onto a vacuum drum, which rotates in front of a glue roller. The design of the vacuum drum can raise a little at both ends of the label. When the vacuum drum rotates over the glue roller, the raised parts at both ends of the label will be coated with glue. Next, the gluing part at the front of the label contacts the bottle, making the label leave the vacuum drum and stick to the bottle with the rotation of the bottle

in order to speed up the production conversion due to the change of labeling requirements, b&h labeling equipment can quickly change the settings without any tools, and it also adopts color label conversion components. The operator only needs to install the relevant color marked parts in the appropriate position, and select the parameters of various pre stored containers on the control panel. With just one button, the operator can automatically set up the vacuum drum, cutting drum and sizing system for the correct label control. This operation enables the equipment to be pre programmed and positioned through the computer, thus reducing the requirements for the operator to perform the setting to increase the technical level of equipment wear and change work, and ensuring the best performance of the labeling equipment

at present, in order to quickly adapt to the needs of different beverage manufacturers, mountain valley company has stored 32 different labels from many label suppliers. This situation has brought great pressure to its labeling operation process, which requires the labeling equipment to have the maximum production flexibility and short version live operation capacity

labeling equipment is not the only place for mountain valley to improve the production process. Last summer, the company purchased and installed a new filling liquid level detection system raytrak detection system from taptone. The system uses X-ray technology to detect unqualified products such as underfilling, bottle cap deformation and unfilled bottle cap during filling. Prior to this, similar testing work could only be done manually

"we are very satisfied that it will not miss any unqualified products." Mr. ferree said

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