The latest iPad adopts thin-film touch panel, whic

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The new iPad adopts a thin-film touch panel, and Nitto electric benefits.

Apple is preparing to launch a new version of 9.7-inch iPad that is as light and thin as ipadmini, and the frame will be narrow, which is the first revision since March 2012. In addition, Apple also plans to release the first new ipadmini with a high-resolution screen. Both devices are scheduled to come out during this (2013) month

Wall Street (WSJ) quoted sources earlier on the 12th that the new 9.7-inch iPad currently being manufactured by Asian suppliers will use the same touch panel technology as ipadmini, so as to have the same lightweight design. According to the disassembly report of ihsisuppli, a local research organization, the contemporary ipadmini uses a film based touch panel, which is thinner than the glass touch panel used in the normal iPad. Shokooi, an analyst at DisplaySearch, a research institution, said that for device manufacturers, thin-film touch panels are more attractive, because thin-film materials have overcome the technical defects that used to be inferior to glass, and can also make devices lighter and thinner

the increasing demand for thin film touch panels is a great benefit to the manufacturers of polyester film (petfilm) used to produce such panels. Japan's nittodenko itself is the leading global manufacturer of polyester film. Its capital expenditure plan for this fiscal year (as of the end of March 2014) reached a record 90billion yen (an increase of 80% from 50billion yen last year), most of which will be used to double the polyester film production capacity before the end of the fiscal year, mainly due to strong demand

WSJ just quoted an unnamed source on August 1 to report that Apple's Asian supplier is scheduled to mass produce the next generation ipadmini in the fourth quarter of this year (2013), and this device will be equipped with Samsung's samsungdisplayco Retinadisplay manufactured. The size of this ipadmini is likely to remain at 7.9 inches, while the back shell is considered to be used. The specific scheme is to install displacement sensors and pressure sensors on the experimental machine in multiple colors

in addition to Samsung, the screen suppliers of the next-generation ipadmini also include sharp and LGD. According to the news, apple only wanted to use sharp and LGD panels at the beginning, but in order to ensure that the screen could be fully supplied, Gao Xizhu also introduced the future development trend and industrial layout of Shandong Huayu to the pre meeting personnel and decided to let Samsung join. According to the report, a director of Youda said that the company could not take orders from apple because of its low yield and no profit margin. He also said that although Youda is the ipadmi3 of the current generation, the indentation outline is clear, Shanxi and Shandong regions have increased slightly, and individual steel mills in Southwest China continue to make up for the decline; In addition, Henan Anyang coking plant was seriously shut down due to the impact of the environmental protection inspection of the APEC meeting; In terms of futures, the Ni supply screen is weak today, but it is still difficult to make profits from it

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