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Zhejiang intelligent electrical manufacturing Innovation Center settled in Wenzhou City

Wenzhou all media Ke zhe Ren correspondent Zhang mangmangmang recently, the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of Finance released the list of Zhejiang manufacturing innovation centers in 2018. The Zhejiang intelligent electrical manufacturing innovation center led by Zhejiang Zhengtai electrical appliance Co., Ltd. was successfully selected, and it is the first provincial manufacturing innovation center approved to be established in our city, We will focus on breaking through key common technologies in intelligent electrical products and complete sets of intelligent electrical manufacturing equipment, so as to inject new impetus into the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry in our city

according to the establishment goal, the center will break through more than 20 key core technologies within five years; Research and develop more than 10 kinds of intelligent electrical products; Research and develop more than 5 kinds of core technology carrier new equipment; Pre research and reserve more than 3 new technologies; More than 30 domestic invention patents are authorized. It can be seen that the center will focus on scientific and technological innovation with a super brain and help the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

in recent years, Chint has actively promoted the adjustment of industrial structure, adhered to independent innovation, constantly polished and improved products in the market, and tilted resources towards technological innovation. In order to develop industry-leading product series, Chint has set up a research team of more than 400 people and invested hundreds of millions of yuan. The research team also invented a new breeding technology that uses degradation enzymes as "switches" to control the relative molecular mass and concentration of products. After three years, it has continuously carried out innovative research and development. Chint's R & D engineers who participated in the project mentioned that more than 800 molds were made for only one product, and they also had a real experience of designing 36 pre selected schemes to improve a design detail

at the same time, Chint vigorously promoted the intelligent manufacturing strategy, and successfully achieved the full process automated production of low-voltage electrical products in 2018, using self-designed machinery and equipment to solve the problem of replacing people with machines in production. In terms of informatization, Chint has completed the enterprise unified data platform and workshop level industrial communication network. Through the comprehensive integration of various automation systems, the small circuit breaker and AC contactor products have realized the whole process digital management from design, simulation, manufacturing, assembly, detection, packaging and material flow

at present, Chint has set up three overseas scientific research centers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific around the world, and has formed a 1+18 R & D system in China, that is, Chint Group Research Institute, as the main brain, cooperates with research institutes in 18 professional fields, such as intelligent appliances, low-voltage distribution systems, high-voltage electrical, new energy, intelligent buildings, to carry out independent innovation and technology pre research. Under the guarantee of the system, Chint has been granted more than 4000 patents. According to the different attributes of the industry, the enterprise spends 4-12% of its sales revenue on R & D investment every year, and rewards scientific researchers irregularly

Chint is not the only one. In recent years, enterprises in our city have received frequent good news in the field of technological innovation and equipment manufacturing. In June last year, Ruili group Ruian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.'s new mode demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing of electronic control braking system for new energy vehicles was selected into the new mode application project of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Since the launch of the national intelligent manufacturing project in 2015, the difficulty of project application has increased year by year, but our city has maintained a new selected project every year for four consecutive years. In October last year, also known as "water white mica", the city's total of 15 intelligent configuration products, such as limit protection, overload protection, automatic reset, and fault prompt, were selected as the first (set) products in key areas of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province. The number of products selected and the proportion of the province were the largest over the years, only second to Hangzhou, ranking second in the province. A total of 23 projects have been declared in the city, with a pass rate of 70%, the highest in the past year. In December last year, a total of 14 enterprises in the city were selected into the enterprise technology center of Zhejiang Province, second only to Jiaxing and Taizhou, ranking third in the province, achieving double-digit growth for the first time, the largest number in previous years

it is reported that the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology has built a project application service chain integrating sorting, cultivation, guidance, recommendation, docking and tracking. Its performance will also be more and more environmentally friendly and greatly improve the success rate of declaration of key projects of enterprises in our city. Last year, the bureau started the establishment of municipal manufacturing innovation centers, and the first batch of two municipal manufacturing innovation centers were identified, including laser and photoelectric intelligent equipment pump and valve manufacturing innovation centers

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