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Zhejiang hipton new materials won the 2012 top ten additives award

on the afternoon of June 29, 2013, the 7th Huicong 2012 top ten selection and award ceremony of the plastic industry sponsored by Jiangsu Union Chemical Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai Jinmao building. Upgrading, transformation, development, and innovation. The award ceremony for the top ten in the plastic industry attracted more than 200 guests from well-known enterprises at home and abroad, industry experts, major buyers, and the media to the scene, sounding the horn of the plastic man, and drew a successful conclusion to the annual evaluation activity that has largely replaced the traditional molding and foaming technology in the industry for more than three months

understand the development trend of the industry, grasp the development direction of the industry, advocate brand strength, guide the brand awareness of the industry, carry forward and commend the enterprises that have made significant contributions to the development of the plastic industry, and jointly promote the in-depth development of the plastic industry. Huicongte hosted the 2012 seventh top ten selection of the plastic industry, providing opportunities for people in the plastic industry to learn and exchange, and won the affirmation and strong support of people in the industry

their requirements for ultraviolet light and activity attributes are the same. The 2012 top ten suppliers in the plastic industry, the 2012 top ten engineering plastic enterprises in the plastic industry, and the 2012 top ten notes in the plastic industry were issued at the award ceremony. We provide a full range of service plastic machine enterprises, the 2012 top ten extruder enterprises in the plastic industry, the 2012 top ten blow molding machine enterprises in the plastic industry The top ten plastic auxiliary enterprises in the plastic industry in 2012, the top ten auxiliary enterprises in the plastic industry in 2012, the top ten sustainable development enterprises in the plastic industry in 2012, and the top ten figures in the plastic industry in 2012 won nine awards. A total of 80 powerful and influential enterprises and 10 executives with the status of industry weathervanes won awards

in this award ceremony, all award-winning units surfaced one by one, walked into the award hall, and mounted the podium for the selection of the top ten honors, once again proving their strength and influence to the whole industry. Zhejiang hipton new materials Co., Ltd. won the 2012 top ten additives award

Zhejiang hipton new materials Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a famous cultural city with a long history. The company integrates many years of research and development experience and technical advantages, and specializes in the independent innovation, research and development, production, sales and related technical services of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) environmental stabilizer. At present, the company mainly has four series of products, including methyl tin heat stabilizer, calcium zinc composite stabilizer, liquid composite heat stabilizer, PVC lubricant, etc. it is a manufacturer and service provider with complete product series and large production scale of VC heat stabilizer, which is currently required by P to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of experimental conditions in China. The market share of methyl tin and other heat stabilizers produced by the company is leading in the country, the product series group has been gradually established, and the image of a perfect PVC processing and application solution expert has gradually formed. As a high-tech enterprise in the field of national key support, the company has a number of patented products independently developed, and has developed many production lines with unique processes, high automation and leading technology

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