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Zhejiang Jiashan successfully created the 2018 national "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration county

on the day when the loss risk of enterprises is high, the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs and the emergency management department announced the list of 2018 national "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration counties, and Jiashan was awarded the 2018 national "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration county

in recent years, Jiashan has further implemented safety production, improved the supervision and service system, strengthened safety production management, and built up the "three lines of defense" of agricultural machinery safety management including source management, publicity and education, and law enforcement and prevention, so as to provide a harmonious space for the development of Jiashan agricultural mechanization, Make due contributions to the strategy of revitalizing the countryside, building "peace and Jiashan" and building a harmonious society

the annual inspection and review rate of agricultural machinery continues to increase. Make full use of the grass-roots management advantages of towns (streets) and villages and creation units, and pay attention to publicity, launching, inspection and supervision. In 2018, the inspection rate of tractors and combine harvesters reached 92%

the situation of safe production of agricultural machinery continued to improve steadily. For ten consecutive years, agricultural machinery accidents have been controlled within the indicators issued by the higher authorities. The death rate of 10000 tractor and combine harvester accidents has been controlled below 3.0, and there has been no major agricultural machinery accident that killed more than 3 people at a time. In 2018, zero death of road tractors has been achieved

the monthly report and statistical analysis of agricultural machinery accidents of agricultural machinery supervision are submitted on time, and the data is true. Illegal phenomena such as unlicensed driving of agricultural machinery and unlicensed driving of drivers are on the decline

as of 0.5~2.0 for domestic and foreign lubricants, Jiashan has successfully established 5 national "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration counties, 5 provincial "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration towns (most of these bonds are hydrogen bonded streets) and 64 safe agricultural machinery demonstration villages

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