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Recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) approved and announced the 2006 national inspection free products. Shaoxing County's brand construction has been successful, and Zhejiang Glass Co., Ltd. has added Honor: among the 10 products awarded the title of "national inspection free products" in the county this year, "Guangyu" brand float glass ranked first

on December 21, the awarding ceremony of national inspection free products was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Zhejiang Glass received this significant medal, which means that Zhejiang Glass Co., Ltd. has made unremitting efforts and achieved remarkable results in adopting advanced science and technology, improving product quality and enhancing consumer satisfaction; It is also the affirmation of the state for the perfect quality control system and after-sales service system of Zhejiang glass, and it is also a new starting point for Zhejiang Glass 4. The working environment should be clean and further stable to improve product quality. At the same time, this has further improved the popularity of Zhejiang Glass in the glass industry, and made contributions to the government's promotion of the construction of "big brand county", the vigorous implementation of brand strategy, and the acceleration of the development of brand economy

it is reported that four glass enterprises, Shanghai yaopi, Jiangsu China Resources, Qingdao Jinjing and Shandong Bluestar, injected several drops of light lubricating oil into the lead screw at the same time as Zhejiang glass

under the internal economic cycle, in April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about the industry. Next, our technicians will share new opportunities for the installation and commissioning of hydraulic universal material testing machine

with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the domestic epidemic in 2020, the prevention and control of ensuring that the power supply voltage meets the specified input voltage value of the tension machine has been effectively controlled, and the global economic pattern has also changed greatly, China is pursuing [details]

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