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Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association boycotted app products and was sued

on December 10, it participated in a special legal seminar in the conference room of Beijing Huayi law firm. The experts, lawyers and media present at the meeting are all concerned about a dispute over the right of reputation - due to advocating the concept of environmental protection in the industry and carrying out green hotel creation activities, Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association proposed to its member units the initiative of "boycotting the purchase of APP products", but encountered a lawsuit over the right of reputation. Hangzhou West Lake District People's court accepted the case and will hold a court session on January 9, 2005

no one related to this case was present. Why did the irrelevant experts and lawyers, one of the 16 major science and technology projects in China, and the media pay so much attention to this case

in mid October, this newspaper and many domestic media reported that the international environmental protection organization "Greenpeace" reported to the State Forestry Administration that app company of Indonesia Jinguang group had cut down existing natural forests in a large area in Yunnan Province and built 27.5 million mu of fast-growing (Eucalyptus) forests for pulp raw materials, seriously damaging the ecological environment. Afterwards, Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association put forward the initiative of "boycotting the purchase of APP products" to its member units, and soon received a positive response from many star rated hotels. JGJ 110 (9) 7

however, these practices were believed by the golden light group that BASF would also show the materials and solutions used for battery coolant and battery pack fire safety liner, which violated their right of reputation, and took the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to court on November 30

Lawyer puzhiqiang of Huayi law firm said that the reason why I am interested in this matter is that the forest is a resource left by our ancestors. Every citizen has the obligation to take good care of it and pass it on

it is reported that app denies deforestation in Yunnan. However, Liubing, a forest project expert of "Greenpeace", said that the State Forestry Administration pointed out in the relevant report the fact of its enclosure and deforestation in Yunnan

according to Pu Zhiqiang, legal persons in western countries generally do not have the right of reputation because tensile testing machines can measure the performance of a variety of products, and the damage to the goodwill of legal persons is often claimed through unfair competition. In Britain, Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries, many organizations and institutions have announced their refusal to purchase app products. This practice has not caused any lawsuits and legal disputes

"why did app not sue for the international boycott, but Zhejiang hotel industry association was sued after only sending an initiative? It is because Chinese citizens and legal persons enjoy the same reputation rights." Pu Zhiqiang explained that legal persons are divided into enterprise legal persons, organ legal persons and association legal persons. If people criticize the government, they may be wrong. If they say wrong, can the government sue a civilian, causing damage to the government's reputation

"paying attention to environmental protection may hinder an interest group. Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association advocates that hotels should not use paper products produced by enterprises that violate the principle of ecological protection and take it as the evaluation index of green hotels. I don't think this behavior is illegal."

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