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On October 23, Zhejiang Jinlai coating Co., Ltd., located in Jinhua development zone, often made artificial measurement benchmarks on the friction surface. The machine rumbled in the polishing workshop, but the number of workers was small. One worker is responsible for operating six precision machines, and there are only 15 people in such a large workshop. It is this enterprise that has been deeply involved in the high-end conductive glass market for more than 10 years, with an output value of more than 200million yuan and sales volume accounting for 1/3 of the world

generally speaking, conductive glass is the main raw material for making high-end electronic devices such as touch screens and liquid crystal displays. Le Wenwei, general manager of Jinlai company, said that the company's electronic glass is imported from abroad, and the flatness is 1200 angstroms. After cutting, polishing, tempering, fine coating and other processes, the electronic glass is finally made into conductive glass, and the flatness is processed into about 500 Angstroms. The purchase price of an electronic glass is 5 yuan, which can be sold for more than 30 yuan after deep processing. "For example, more than 90% of Apple's fourth generation touch screens are made of our conductive glass."

Causing shutdown or even shutdown; At present, there is no room to tighten the profit margin of iron mills.

in previous years, the smart market is very popular, and each quality directly affects whether the spindle components are qualified. Large brands have sprung up, and the supply of touch screen and other accessories is in short supply. "Since we can produce raw materials, why not make our own touch screen?" In 2010, Jinlai company invested in the establishment of module production vehicles. In terms of the utilization of this type, it provided touch screens for major brands. The workforce suddenly expanded to more than 2000 people, and the output value also increased by leaps and bounds. However, this wave of market came and went quickly. As manufacturing module is a labor-intensive industry with low access threshold, similar module manufacturing enterprises have sprung up all over the country, with increasingly fierce market competition and thinner profits. With the polarization of the smart market, many brands fell, there was excess module manufacturing capacity, and 95% of the relevant manufacturing enterprises suffered losses. At the end of 2015, Jinlai company also had a deficit in its accounts, and module manufacturing led to a loss of more than 20 million yuan. "We must shut down the module workshop and concentrate on making conductive glass with technical advantages." Le Wenwei made a quick decision. In just one and a half months, Jinlai company paid more than 5 million yuan in compensation and dismissed more than 1600 employees. A strong man can break his wrists and turn the enterprise from crisis to safety. This year, Jinlai company has made a profit of more than ten million yuan

after specializing in its main business, Jinlai company expanded its production capacity on the one hand, and the monthly production capacity of the newly launched production line increased from 500000 to 800000; On the other hand, the expansion of overseas markets is also increasing, and a preliminary cooperation agreement has been reached with Jingtai company. It is reported that Jingtai company specializes in the production of anti dazzle rear-view mirrors, accounting for 75% of the global share of high-end vehicles. The conductive glass samples sent by Jinlai company have passed the inspection of Jingtai company. In April this year, the vice president of Jingtai company also made a special trip to Jinhua for inspection and spoke highly of the product quality and production management of Jinlai company. "After becoming the material supplier of Jingtai company, we can absorb 30% of the production capacity of Jinlai company, and the profit is twice that of now. At that time, the output value of our company will double to 400million yuan." Le Wenwei revealed that the company will also cooperate with Japanese enterprises to produce carbon fiber energy-saving and environmental friendly materials, and further explore new areas of raw material manufacturing

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