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Zhejiang invested 1.2 trillion to implement 200 major projects

Zhejiang invested 1.2 trillion to implement 200 major projects

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recently, it was learned from the transportation department that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang Province invested about 1.2 trillion yuan in the construction of comprehensive transportation infrastructure, focusing on the implementation of 200 major projects, including 50 railways and rail transit, 80 highways, 30 waterways, 10 airports and 30 hubs, We will build "four major transportation corridors" for the city's economy, marine economy, open economy and beautiful economy, and comprehensively promote the construction of large ports, roads, aviation, water transportation and logistics

the construction of a large port will be led by the integration of Ningbo Zhoushan port, promote the construction of Zhoushan river sea intermodal transport service center, promote the optimization, integration, transformation and upgrading of coastal port resources, build more than 50 berths of 10000 tons or more, increase the handling capacity by 300 million tons, and achieve the handling capacity of containers of 32 million TEUs, so as to realize that the cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan port ranks first in the world

road construction will promote the "August 8th plan" of the railway, and build a "one hour traffic circle" for rail transit, which is made of flax and wheat straw fibers; Implement the "double ten double thousand" plan for four key projects in the key links of high-tech introduction, and realize the connection of highways in land counties; Promote the "five tenthousand" plan of beautiful highway, and the national highways in the province basically reach the standard of class II or above; Create a national model of the "four good rural roads" and realize the "four good" roads to all villages. Build a "one hour traffic circle" of rail transit, and build 2100 kilometers of railways, 800 kilometers of highways, and 2000 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads, including intercity express railways. The railway mileage in the province has reached 4000 kilometers, the highway mileage has reached 4800 kilometers, and the mileage of ordinary national and provincial roads has reached 14100 kilometers. 92% of the ordinary national highway and 75% of the ordinary provincial highway are above the second-class highway, and the "four good" rural roads are accessible to every village

what parts of Hangzhou will affect the performance of material tensile testing machine? Xiaoshan Airport in Zhouzhou will be built into an international hub airport, and Wenzhou and Ningbo airports will be built into tens of millions of large airports; Build a general airport network with "airports in cities" across the province, build an air "one hour traffic circle", cultivate local airlines, develop international routes, and build a general airport with connectivity across the province; Establish the Yangtze River Delta international cargo and mail center

the construction of large-scale water transportation will further promote the action plan for the revitalization of inland water transportation in Zhejiang Province, and speed up the construction of a river sea combined transportation network covering all cities and key counties in the province

the construction of big logistics will speed up the construction of national logistics platform and build the largest logistics information exchange center and big data center at home and abroad; Accelerate the upgrading of key logistics parks and leading enterprises such as Yiwu International Dry Port and ChuanHua highway port, and promote the development of urban distribution and urban and rural logistics

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