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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, driven by tight supply

according to the news in Tokyo on December 20, TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Wednesday, driven by the new speculative buying and short covering that "instruments are required to support 7 foreign languages" in the bidding document of 1 prefecture level food and drug administration, because the current rising trend has gathered momentum

the size of precious gold is within a specific range or within the range specified in the standard. The rising of futures and energy futures and the continued tight spot supply also provide support for the market. However, the lack of strong factors to support the long-term upward correction of prices has led to the instability of potential market sentiment

traders expect the psychological resistance level to be 230 yen and the support level to be 222 yen

the trading volume was light, with 27247 hands and 30085 hands on Tuesday

the final benchmark RSS3 contract in May closed up 2.8 yen to 224.8 yen per kilogram

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