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According to the Japanese media Nikkei, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Telecom Corporation, Japan's largest telecommunications service provider, Japan Telegraph Corporation (NTT) plans to build a number of forward slow megawatt solar power plants that can form a performance agency in the next three years

according to the report, NTT will invest 15billion yen to build 20 megawatt solar power generation facilities by the end of fiscal 2014. NTT facilities Inc, a photovoltaic system manufacturing subsidiary of the group, will take the lead in the field of photovoltaic power generation

through the subsidiary of NTT facilities, NTT has acquired some shares of ennet Corp., a leading independent power producer and supplier in Japan

by January 2013, NTT will build six megawatt photovoltaic power plants with an output capacity of about 11000kW. (compiled by: Owen) under the internal economic cycle of Zhonghua glass (), the load action point and fulcrum of Chengdu, China can also be exchanged in April 2021 to discuss new opportunities for the industry with you. In 2020, with the outbreak of global epidemic in all aluminum and aluminum alloy cupping testing machines, the prevention and control of domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, and the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually [details]

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