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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures closed lower because of the fund selling pressure

according to the news in Tokyo on April 22, if tocg did not deal with it timely and effectively, B 4351om rubber futures closed sharply lower on Tuesday. Under the pressure of the fund's technical selling, the benchmark contract failed to test the recent high of 296.7 yen per kilogram before, but fell below the support level of 290 yen, further dragging down sentiment. The market may continue to consolidate in the next few days due to the lack of new information on the whole, but the firmness of crude oil prices and higher raw material prices are expected to help support prices. Traders said strong technical support was expected at 283 yen. In September, the benchmark learned where the materials were applicable to RSS3 contracts and closed down 8.3 yen to 287.2 yen per kilogram in the first time

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