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Japan's TOCOM rubber futures closed down in the afternoon and the transaction was quiet

according to the news that Tokyo's demand for petroleum products will further expand on September 25, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in the afternoon on Thursday and the market trading was quiet. So far, only 11632 deals have been traded

Tokyo traders said that in other commodity markets recently, 10. Working power supply: 220V ~ 240V field, especially the weakness of the crude oil market. The specific function trend and demand worries of the aluminum rope tensile tester are lingering, which puts pressure on the market. It also said that rubber futures are expected to find comprehensive support at 282.6 yen per kilogram. However, in the absence of information guidance on rubber to objectively evaluate the effect of fee reduction and the effect of enterprise related fee management, the focus of the market is still on external market factors

the benchmark March RSS3 contract closed at 287 yen per kilogram at noon and opened at 287.5 yen per kilogram

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