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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures fell slightly in midday trading, and the market trading was quiet.

according to the news from Tokyo on January 9, TOCOM rubber futures fell slightly in midday trading on Tuesday, and the market was consolidated. In June, the benchmark RSS3 contract fell by 1.3 yen to close at 238 yen per kilogram. It once fell below the technical support level of 236.8 yen per kilogram and hit the intraday low of 235.8 yen per kilogram. The January contract fell 0.9 yen to 227.5 yen per kilogram. Tokyo traders said that the benchmark expected that during the visit, the two countries could not only sign contracts for large-scale cooperation projects, but also failed to break through the psychological resistance level above 250 yen, causing long positions to be closed. At the same time, he added that the decline of precious metal futures and the rise of the yen against the US dollar also put pressure on the market. The market transaction was quiet, and the negative performance of technical charts made traders cautious. So far, the market turnover is 10451

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