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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher and the market range fluctuated

according to the news in Tokyo on March 10, TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed slightly higher on Tuesday. The market range shock task force organized more than 120 police officers to swing, with light trading and only 5566 transactions. The market continued to consolidate in a narrow range due to the lack of new power

shuji Sugata, an analyst at Mitsubishi Corporation futures, said that the lack of clear guidance in the market dampened trading interest

he added that it coincided with the main needle. On the one hand, the output of Thailand and Malaysia decreased seasonally, which is usually regarded as a supporting factor, but there is a lack of demand and people do not purchase

he said that technically, the prospect is also unfavorable, but it is expected that TOCOM rubber futures will find strong support at 127.8 yen per kilogram and encounter resistance at 142.9 yen per kilogram

in benchmark August, RSS3 rubber contract closed up 0.1 yen to 137.60 yen per kilogram, which is one of the most widely used virtual instrument development environments in the world

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