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At present, the anti-corrosion of domestic steel structures mainly adopts the old process of painting after sand blasting or shot blasting. Although the anti-corrosion effect, the painting process also has many shortcomings, such as complex structure, dead corner, high cost and so on; In addition, in some cases, hand tools can only be used for rust removal, but the effect of rust removal is very poor, and these existing problems have greatly lost resources. In order to better create efficient anti-corrosion coatings, Changzhou Daishi chemical has developed the company's new product - waterborne rust conversion primer under continuous absorption, reference, innovation and development. The water-based rust conversion primer is a weak acidic polymer compound, which can convert the oxide (rust) of steel into black organic iron compounds. The following is the change diagram of the water-based rust conversion primer provided by Dai's Chemical Technology Department (consultation telephone: 13775611623), as shown in the table

such a simple and fast anti-corrosion coating not only avoids the waste of human, material and financial resources for the construction team, It also provides protection for steel from being corroded again from the coating base. This anti-corrosion coating at the forefront of science and technology, with its excellent cost performance, will usher in a new era of steel structure anti-corrosion




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