Pay attention to avoid draught when laying wallpap

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In spring, because the air is humid, in order to dry the wall as soon as possible, open the doors and windows (decoration effect drawing of doors and windows) for ventilation. In summer, it is different. Because it is dry, wallpaper (wallpaper decoration effect drawing) should be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. If you open the doors and windows at this time, let the newly laid wallpaper blow “ Draught ”, Wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss

musty smell must be removed:

latex paint is often encountered in home decoration because it dries slowly and will become moldy and taste in hot weather. In this regard, the general method of decoration companies is to turn on the air conditioner to pump moisture out of the air; Keep the furniture cabinet door open and ventilated. After decoration, we will encounter the problem that all kinds of odors can't spread out, which will affect people's health. The suggestion of the decoration company is to put more green plants after decoration, or put twoorthree lemons, oranges and bananas in the room, which can achieve the effect of rapid deodorization

do not paint in rainy days:

for wood products, remember not to paint in rainy days, whether it is painting varnish or mixing oil. In rainy days, please ask the construction team to do other work first, even temporarily stop working for two days, and don't do painting work in rainy days

in daily decoration, the choice of wallpaper makes many owners confused. Now, let's take a look at the skills of wallpaper selection

skill 1: take some old wallpapers with special prices, which are mainly disposals with few surplus goods. These wallpapers have no shortcomings except that they are not beautiful enough, so they can be used in less important rooms such as closet, secondary bedroom (bedroom decoration effect picture), study (study decoration effect picture), nanny room, etc. The new wallpaper is used in the porch, living room and other facade places. For high priced wood fiber wallpaper or fabric wallpaper, it is used in the master bedroom, elderly room and children's room. Using wallpaper will not cause the trouble of overspending

skill 2: careful calculation

generally, the length of wallpaper is 10 meters/roll, that is to say, if the skirting is deducted by 810 cm, that is to say, a roll of wallpaper can produce four 2.55 meter high rooms. If the net height of the room is more than 2.55 meters, only three pictures can be produced. There is a loss of about 2 meters left in each roll, and the loss rate is as high as 20%. Therefore, if the net height of the room is relatively high, it is very cost-effective to choose the pavement method with loss

skill 3: tear down east walls and make up west walls

if the rough houses handed over by the developers are walls with waterproof putty, then the way to save money comes, because the wall treatment requirements of wallpaper are not as strict as latex paint. If there is no obvious white slag dropping by hand, and there is no water seepage when splashing a small glass of water, and then the wall is relatively flat, you can only let the workers sand the wall, and then directly roll a layer of varnish. In this way, the price of even work and materials is less than half that of the puttying wall, and the remaining money per square meter is enough to buy a high-grade wallpaper version

skill 4: skillfully avoid

when pasting wallpaper, general decoration companies recommend using gypsum line. I'm afraid the junction between wallpaper and roof is uneven, but in fact, gypsum line is completely unnecessary

1. Wallpaper and latex paint are directly connected. Prepare a transparent ruler of more than 30 cm in advance to ensure that the paper can be cut more neatly. If there is any irregularity after paving, let the workers repair it with a wallpaper knife

2. Replace plaster line with waistline. The waist line is not necessarily placed in the middle. The best place to look at the waist line is 20-30 cm below the roof

3. There is another way to save gypsum line and make the room higher: white matte emulsion paint is used on the part above 20 cm from the wall to the roof and the roof, and waist line or 5 cm wide gypsum board is used at the joint. For people who have a room with a net height of more than 2.6 meters and don't want to bear too much loss, this treatment can well reduce the headache caused by high wallpaper loss

skill 5: know yourself and know your enemy

most people choose Wallpapers blindly. In fact, they must first make a budget in combination with their own economic ability. How much wallpapers can they afford? How much is it equivalent to per square meter? Search for gold from the special wallpaper

don't choose just for color and decor. The most beautiful decor will be eliminated after a long time, but the good texture will not change, so don't buy a beautiful PVC synthetic paper at the price of wood fiber because it's good-looking. It's a waste of money




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