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“ in the decoration process; Add item ” Most of them come from concealed works, so consumers should pay attention to whether the pricing is consistent with the actual measured data

for the problems prone to housing construction, consumers should communicate with designers and foremen in advance, so that they can focus on “ Check and remedy deficiencies &rdquo

“ The decoration with a budget of 120000 spent a total of 150000 in the end& rdquo; Recently, Ms. Du, who has just finished the decoration, told the Beijing Youth Daily · Guangsha times about the problems she encountered& ldquo; When signing the contract, I thought all the projects were covered, but I didn't expect to add money while constructing. The scattered expenses added up to more than 30000 yuan& rdquo;

when “ Add item ” It has almost become an item that cannot be erased in the decoration process, and consumers' distress and complaints will follow: what links are increasing spending? Why can't these budgets be calculated together before construction& ldquo; Add item ” Is it Benming account or a bottomless pit? This week, "Guangsha times" on the “ Add item ” Visit and understand

while surveying, designing and constructing, there are unreliable buildings “ Trilateral project ”, In this way, we should also pay attention to the decoration of old houses, and do not become a "construction side, while adding items, while adding money" “ Trilateral project &rdquo


the charging budget is constantly being “ Refresh &rdquo

Mr. Huang, who is decorating, said: “ The house has not been installed yet, and the current expenditure has exceeded the budget by more than 20000& rdquo;

“ Water and electricity renovation is a cost beyond the contract, which I can understand. However, with the progress of construction, I feel that there will be some accidents in any link. Many of them are asked by the foreman before construction whether to do this or not, and whether to install that. Specifically, it is good-looking. If it is not done, it will affect the overall effect, but it will cost more& rdquo; Mr. Huang said: “ On the one hand, the decoration is to make the home more beautiful. So much money has been spent, and I don't want to affect the overall effect for these fragmentary expenses, but it's a lot of extra expenses in detail& rdquo;

Mr. Huang takes out his “ Small ledger ” According to Guangxia times, in addition to the cost of more than 17000 yuan incurred in the water and electricity transformation, 300 yuan for the demolition of the thermal insulation wall, 2430 yuan for the reflective lamp slot on the ceiling of the living room, 750 yuan for the external corner of the ceramic tile, 1800 yuan for the wall mesh cloth, 1200 yuan for garbage handling, 660 yuan for the repair and painting of the gypsum line, 600 yuan for the ceramic tile mouth of the balcony pier, and 210 yuan for the installation of the switch panel &hellip& hellip;& ldquo; Add 500 today and 2000 tomorrow, and it will be difficult to advance the construction without making up the cost in time& rdquo; Mr. Huang said: “ The main reason is that I don't know whether there is a boss after all& rdquo;


“ Charge separately ” Consumers have to have a “ Score &rdquo

in fact, “ Charge while working ” It is a common problem encountered by many consumers who have experienced decoration, and they are constantly “ Refresh ” The budget of makes consumers confused: why can't we clear the accounts at one time? Those who shout “ Zero addition ” Home decoration brands, are they all talking about fun? "Guangsha times" found in the interview that there are indeed some uncertainties in the complex and changeable decoration process, but there are still some links that consumers can have a number in mind in advance

“ For home decoration, hydropower transformation is indeed a major play, and it is also the relatively highest part of the late supplementary cost& rdquo; A foreman in the deep diving industry for many years said: “ This is mainly because most of the water circuits are concealed works, so it is difficult to accurately measure the way and amount of changes before the houses are demolished and changed. Generally speaking, for an old house with an area of 90 square meters, consumers need to set aside a budget space of 10000 to 20000 yuan in the water and electricity transformation part, which is often not included in the contract& rdquo;

on the other hand, there may be some “ Special ” Cost of. The cost of garbage removal and transportation should also be determined according to the actual amount of waste removed. The cost of ten bags of garbage and five bags of garbage must be different. These consumers also need to set aside a budget of about 2000 yuan& ldquo; But there are also some details that can be estimated in advance& rdquo; The foreman said: “ For example, Mr. Huang said that the reflective lamp trough of the ceiling of the living room, the materials for the external corner of the ceramic tile, and the demolition cost of the old house. Even if these cannot be completely measured accurately, designers should also communicate with consumers when designing and planning, whether they need and what kind of decorative effect they need to achieve. So as to get the preliminary quotation& rdquo;

what consumers need to pay attention to in the decoration of old houses is that there are indeed some temporary “ Remedy ” The construction links, such as adding crack proof strips and mesh cloth in the wall treatment, require extra thick cement mortar for ground leveling, and the old water and electricity pipes need to be replaced &hellip& hellip; Due to the long history, the old houses inevitably encounter patchwork in the renovation process, but consumers should also require designers to try to make the budget ahead. Even if the price of some links is uncertain, they should also foresee the problems that may be encountered in the construction. This is not only to avoid repeated charges and unlimited additions, but also to have a “ Bottom ”, Avoid some loopholes

“ Add item ” The name should also be clear, and the after-sales commitment should be indicated one by one

“ Although they are all the expenses charged in the later stage, I still ask the foreman to add the relevant construction projects to the annex of the contract& rdquo; Mr. Huang said, “ The work is done and the money is collected. Since it is also within the normal scope of construction, it should get the corresponding after-sales service guarantee& rdquo;

indeed, as scattered “ Add item ”, Most of the time, these related expenses are paid by the foreman or designer, and most consumers also ignore the protection of the corresponding content. Guangsha times reminds consumers that they should try to add the contents involving additional items to the contract one by one. On the one hand, they should mark all expenditures openly and transparently, so that they, the foreman, the designer and the person in charge of the home decoration company are clear, and avoid “ Receive private orders &rdquo& ldquo; Collect money ” The occurrence of; On the other hand, the after-sales service and quality assurance that consumers originally enjoy in the contract should also apply to the contents of these late additions. Once quality problems occur later and need to be repaired and maintained, the contract can also be used as a basis for protection

according to xuguozhong, President of million homes supervision company, among the complaints of Beijing Consumer Association in 2017, there were 827 complaints about housing decoration, including 432 complaints about contracts, accounting for 53%. Xu Guozhong also reminded consumers that the proportion of the final payment in the decoration contract should not be too low, and it is best to agree that it should be more than 10% of the total decoration payment to restrict the service of the construction party


know your house “ Stare ” Live in your own home

now “ All inclusive &rdquo& ldquo; Package &rdquo& ldquo; Supervision &rdquo& ldquo; Zero addition ” And so on, such words are popular in the home decoration market. Delegating the home to a brand, a designer, and a foreman has become the choice of many consumers

it's really not easy for the master to decorate his home as he wants. Guangsha times reminds consumers that no matter how much they trust a decoration company, they should always pay close attention to their home. Before preparing to start construction, you might as well have an understanding of the house you live in. What is the building structure? Which structures can be changed, and which chronic diseases of old houses need special treatment? In the previous decoration, what problems have affected the quality of life? Where is the wall easy to crack? Does the water circuit in the kitchen and bathroom space need special treatment? Does the waterproof test focus on the real implementation of the workers? Are strong and weak current boxes properly distinguished& hellip;& hellip;

more often, the “ Add item ” It is also to add more convenience and comfort to life. Only those who really live in it can better understand what they need. Often go to the construction site and sometimes complain more than at home “ Add item ” More meaningful. Wen/Wen Yue





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