Four precautions for bathroom decoration in spring

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The weather is getting warmer and the cold winter is about to pass. Many owners plan to decorate their houses when the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. As an important part of house decoration, bathroom decoration is a matter that needs careful consideration for those home lovers who pay attention to fashion and taste

I. purchase of sanitary ware:

the purchase of sanitary ware must be made early, and appropriate sanitary ware should be selected according to the size of your bathroom, and statistics should be made, so that it is convenient for the master to carry out construction according to the specific parameters and installation requirements of sanitary ware during construction. Of course, it is also a good choice to outsource these things

II. Selection of ceramic tiles:

glazed tiles are generally preferred. These tiles are rich in color and easy to clean and maintain. It should be noted that the color of tiles should match the overall style and tone of the bathroom

III. toilet installation:

toilet is a major protagonist in the bathroom. Therefore, special attention should be paid during installation. It is necessary to choose toilet products with excellent quality and beautiful appearance, such as AUSMAN seamless toilet, etc. Please ask a professional master to install them, so as not to cause trouble and difficult to solve, and it is best not to use the toilet within three days after installation, so as not to affect its stability

IV. brand selection:

bathroom is a place to relax and enjoy. Therefore, we must choose sanitary products with excellent quality and high aesthetics. Recommended matching: AUSMAN seamless toilet, bathroom cabinet + gold massage bathtub + Shenluda CNC thermostatic faucet





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