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We must be prepared to paint the furniture, and then follow the steps to complete the “ Transformation process. When you are ready, look at the steps and start painting the furniture

step 1: select sandpaper of the same model to polish according to the roughness and hardness of the wood surface

step 2: brush the primer, and adjust the consistency of the primer according to the density of wood. Hardwood has high density, and the paint can be thinned, while cork needs to be thickened. When painting, how can decoration save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. It should be painted evenly along the grain of the wood, and it should not be too thick. After it is completely dry, polish it with sandpaper until it feels smooth and has no protrusions. Wipe it with a damp soft cloth for several times, and finally dry it

step 3: brush the second coat of paint, subject to covering the first coat of paint, and then gently and evenly polish it with sandpaper along the direction of painting

step 4: brush the paint for the third time, and then polish it with finer water sandpaper dipped in water. The force should not be too strong, and the grinding should be uniform

step 5: the last coat of paint, without grinding, can be applied with a layer of protective wax

tips for painting furniture:

1. If the furniture is inlaid with mirrors or glasses, you can paste them with adhesive strips or newspapers to avoid being stained with paint

2. Paint the concave part first, from inside to outside to the edge, and avoid dripping paint at the edge

3. Brush the concealed positions first, such as the interior of the cabinet, and then the surface

4. Don't be too impatient when painting. You should brush slowly in order to prevent bubbles. If there are bubbles, they will be broken immediately

5. Ensure the cleanness of the construction environment. If the surrounding is not clean enough when painting, the dust in the air will fall on the paint, which will make the paint surface feel granular and not smooth

generally, it is brushed for three times. For the first time, brush and apply to increase the penetration depth of wax oil. After brushing, dry it slowly, and then brush it again. By brushing and applying, you can save the amount. Then dry it again. After drying, immediately wipe the surface of the workpiece with a clean cotton cloth, which can make the surface of the furniture smoother. In addition, increase the number of times of wiping and applying, and polish it with fine sandpaper one by one, Furniture can be completely transformed




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