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When decorating, do you build walls first or do water and electricity wiring first? Is the water pipe on the top or on the ground? It seems that these are just a small process problem in the decoration process, which will be ignored by many people and let the decoration master the final say. For a house with a frame structure, whether to build water and electricity first or build walls first is not just a process problem. There are decoration tricks that ordinary people don't know

◆ it is more accurate to build the wall first, and the wiring of water and electricity is more accurate.

in the view of professionals, when the house is still just a frame, it is quite convenient for the bricklayer to build the wall. It will be more accurate to locate the water and electricity after the wall is dried, and the wire box can also be unified in place according to the drawings at one time

but judging from the sequence of water and electricity, masonry, carpentry and painting, there is no doubt that the wires and water pipes should be laid first, and then the masonry should enter the site and start building the wall. Therefore, most decoration companies will say to you: “ It is reasonable and reasonable to build walls after water and electricity

◆ why is this reasonable

Xu, a project manager who has been engaged in decoration for many years, unveiled this “ Reasons behind Rationality: “ It's all about money. If the wall is built first and the plasterer works first, the plasterer will enter the site again and paste tiles after the water and electricity acceptance, which will lead to the phenomenon of the second entry of the plasterer. If the money is calculated according to the number of mobilization and workload, this process will allow the mason to receive double wages, which will not only make the project manager lose money, but also make the decoration company lose money, and other types of work will be more jealous

Lao Xu said that during the whole decoration process, the wages of clay workers have always been the highest because of the heavy workload. A skilled Mason can earn five or six thousand yuan a month. How to control the cost of brickwork has always been a problem that many decoration companies need to solve

◆ do the water and electricity switch and socket first. The positioning is not allowed.

starting from the main role of the industry, it is absolutely necessary to build walls before doing water and electricity. You will find many disadvantages if you directly connect water and electricity without building a wall

according to the construction practice, water pipes are usually laid on the top (from the ceiling), and wires are laid on the ground (from the ground). If you don't build a wall in advance for the wires, whether on the top or on the ground, you will find that countless wire boxes hang in the air at home after the electrician has paved all the pipelines. This is what is usually called “ It is difficult to locate, because the position of these wire boxes will determine the final position of your switches and sockets. No wall means that the wire box has no place to fix, and no place to fix means that the position of the switches and sockets cannot be determined

therefore, people who have been decorated should have seen that when the location of these wire boxes is pending and the water and electricity positioning is actually not completed, the brickwork will start to build the wall. Because until the wall is built, these wire boxes can find their home. However, I'm afraid the water and electricity master won't come again, so the job of positioning is left to the Mason master. The Mason feels that this is not his own job. If he casually plugs the wire box into the wall, it will directly lead to the inaccurate positioning of your switches and sockets

in order to avoid this problem, some decoration companies will allow water and electricity and wall building to be carried out at the same time. In this way, the problem of positioning is solved, but the construction period of water and electricity is often delayed because of masonry. Therefore, the construction period of carpentry and painting has to be postponed

in addition, most decoration companies prefer to outsource in blocks. The door pocket company is responsible for the door, and the wardrobe company is responsible for the cabinet. The decoration company itself does less and less work, but the wall painting and painting work still have to be done by the painter. If the wall is built before wiring, the drying time of the wall is virtually extended. If the wiring is done first and then the wall is built, it is very likely that the drying time of the wall will be shortened due to the painter's hurry to paint. In this way, the wall of your house is prone to cracks, and water seepage and mildew may occur in the rainy season. The numerous pipelines will hinder the bricklaying, and it is difficult for the bricks to be laid normally. The wall firmness is affected, and the flatness and perpendicularity are also difficult to guarantee

◆ water pipes use top charging materials but are convenient for maintenance

in general, water pipes use ceiling charging water pipes and use ground water pipes to save money. For owners, it costs money to use the top and use the ground. However, if the ceiling goes wrong in the future, it will be more convenient for maintenance. If you walk on the ground, it will be difficult to repair after laying tiles. Sometimes it even needs to be re slotted and re waterproof

Lao Xu said that most of the water pipes are concentrated in the kitchen and bathroom, so he particularly recommends installing integrated ceilings in these two spaces, so that in the future, only a few boards can be removed. However, most designers and decoration companies do not recommend the installation of integrated ceiling, because the integrated ceiling is produced and installed by a special ceiling company, and the decoration company has no money at all

in addition to maintenance, Lao Xu also considered that if there is an integrated ceiling, if you need to add a water pipe or something, it will save both labor and money. He found that some owners did not reserve faucets for mop washing or less hot water pipelines in the early stage of decoration. If the water pipe goes from the ground during the decoration, it is necessary to plane the tiles and redo the waterproof. It is conceivable that it is troublesome




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