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At present, there are many kinds of wires on the market, and some inferior products are mixed in them, which seriously affects our power safety and buries long-term hidden dangers for our lives

there are many kinds of wires on the market now, and some inferior products are mixed in them, which seriously affects our power safety and buries long-term hidden dangers for our lives. The advantages and disadvantages of wires can be distinguished from three aspects: the material of copper core, the cross-sectional area of copper core, and the packaging and printing of wires

the copper core of high-quality wires is made of high-quality copper with high purity and good conductivity, which has a very good metallic luster. The metallic luster of the copper core of low-quality wires is very poor, which can be clearly distinguished by the naked eye. The copper material used for the copper core material of low-quality wires has high impurity content, high resistance, poor conductivity, large loss of electric energy on the line, serious wire heating, which cannot ensure the safety of use, and is easy to cause short circuit of the line and damage household appliances. What is more serious is that low-quality wires are very easy to cause fire, which seriously endangers our lives and property safety

the cross-sectional area size of high-quality wire copper core is produced in strict accordance with the national electrical standards to ensure the safety of use under its rated current intensity and rated voltage. In order to reduce the production cost, the cross-sectional area of the copper core of the inferior wire can not reach the national electrical standards, and the rated current intensity and rated voltage indicated by it can not be reached at all in actual use. Such wires are easy to cause damage to the electrical circuit when you use high-power electrical appliances

the cat in the Qijia forum of the Group paid a special visit to hardware merchants. The following are the actual pictures to explain the three methods of identifying the authenticity of panda wires

first of all, the most intuitive thing is to look at the anti-counterfeiting sticker on the outer package. The latest panda wire sticker must be the one I photographed, with white ground, green words, and an anti-counterfeiting phone. You must remember that the authentic panda wire anti-counterfeiting phone is subject to the phone of the previous coil of wire. These days, anti-counterfeiting phones are fake, so we must identify the latest anti-counterfeiting phone of panda wire! Otherwise, it is useless to buy fake goods and check them with fake anti-counterfeiting phones

the second identification method is:

the authentic panda single core line has the steel seal of the panda every meter, with English brand logo and other words, rather than printed, which can be touched by hand

the third way to identify panda wires: look at the copper core of the wire. I don't know whether the price of raw materials has increased recently. It is said that the price of wires is very high. Relatively speaking, fake manufacturers will also adopt less fake raw materials to maximize profits

in fact, there are many kinds of copper cores of wires, and different copper conductivity and hardness are different. For example, the copper core of the red wire in the above figure is brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has good hardness, but poor conductivity. The copper core of the blue wire is red copper, which is more expensive than brass, has better conductivity, and is very soft. It is an excellent raw material for making high-quality wires

when buying wires, you can bend the wires at will. It's best to have a careful look at the material of the copper core. In addition, you should also look at the cross section. The insulation layer is thick and uniform, and the copper core is right in the middle of the cross section. Such wires can be called qualified and safe household wires

how to distinguish the authenticity of weak current wires? Let's continue with the above figure to explain

looking at the cross section is a good way to distinguish wires. The weak wires need to see several points, including:

1, the thickness of the copper core

2, the position of the copper core

3, the density of the aluminum wire

4, the degree of wrapping with tinfoil

5, the strength and toughness of the skin

to put it bluntly, it depends on a material and workmanship. Fake goods are fake goods, which cannot be the same as the process of genuine goods, so if you carefully check the process, you will find many clues. It's better to tear a section of the wire so that you can see it more clearly

common weak wires include: closed circuit line, network line, telephone line, audio line, AV line, VGA line, audio line, etc. In fact, the method of distinguishing the authenticity of weak wires is similar to that of strong wires. First of all, it depends on the plastic texture of the skin

after folding the wire hard, it will be restored to its original state, and the creases that cannot disappear will be left on the inferior wire, which is very obvious, while the high-quality wire will not have such a phenomenon. This picture is the comparison of true and false wires after bending respectively. Obviously, the one below is a fake wire





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