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Water based metal ink fills the domestic gap

recently, it was learned from Xi'an Tianxin Chemical Co., Ltd. that the company will cooperate with kerjia company in the United States to use the water-based connecting material provided by kerjia company for the deep processing of ink products, which can be seen from the export of spilled oil, etc. after adding gold and silver powder, it can be blended into water-based metal ink to meet the needs of cigarette, wine and other products' outer packaging and high-end business printing, So as to fill the gap of this domestic product

kerjia company is the first manufacturer of water-based varnish in the world and has stopped producing oil pump motors. Its products are biodegradable, safe, non-toxic, non combustible, and can realize zero volatilization of organic matter in the process of use. This environmental protection concept just meets the current environmental protection requirements of domestic medium and high-end printing materials. The company's products are represented by a Hong Kong company, which entered the Chinese market 10 years ago, but has not been sold under its own brand. Xi'an Tianxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a mature enterprise in the production of coatings and inks in China. Its technology, products and production scale have reached a relatively advanced level. The cooperation between the two sides will make the localization of water-based metal ink a reality, and provide a very high gloss surface for packaging and commercial printing. For example, it is hoped that carrying out on the inner and outer packaging of tobacco packaging can help you. The decorative effect of gold and silver cardboard can be obtained by field printing, which not only meets the needs of tobacco enterprises for environmental protection packaging materials, but also conforms to the development trend of international tobacco packaging

at the same time, Xi'an Tianxin Chemical Co., Ltd. also hopes to take this cooperation as an opportunity to introduce the advanced production technology of kerjia company, improve its technical level, and build the largest production base of water-based varnish and connecting materials in Asia in the future, so as to reduce the production cost of domestic water-based ink and varnish. (Wang Lei) (China packaging daily)

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