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Launch of water-based platform the industry worked together to promote the development of environmental friendly coatings

initiated by DSM Likang resin +, and an industry organization including Bayer, BASF, haimingsi, ALTANA, Bauhinia, Clivia, CNOOC Changzhou paint Chemical Research Institute and other 13 Chinese and foreign enterprises and organizations participated in the establishment of the waterborne China platform, which was held in Beijing on October 22, During the founding ceremony, a media exchange meeting and a training meeting on VOC oil filter replacement (volatile organic compounds) were also held at the same time. The establishment of the organization aims to help domestic enterprises improve the technology of water-based coatings. The research on large oil output of oil delivery valve oil return pipe should have better environmental compatibility research and production, so as to promote the establishment of more environmentally friendly solutions in industries that are more prone to fracture

voc harm to the environment and human body has attracted increasing attention. The coating industry is regarded as one of the main sources of VOC emissions, and water-based coatings can greatly reduce VOC emissions compared with traditional solvent based coatings. With the rapid economic growth of China in recent years, China's coating industry is also catching up with the latest technological trends in the world, but the development of water-based coatings is not satisfactory. Although the R & D and production of water-based coatings have been in China for more than ten years, the concept of "water-based" is also very popular in the industry. However, compared with the widespread use of water-based coatings in Europe and the United States and other countries, However, the proportion of water-based coatings in the Chinese market has not broken through the single digits, only in the construction coating market has been better developed

"as a joint organization of the coating industry, the water-based platform is committed to promoting the transformation of the coating, adhesive and printing ink market from solvent based to water-based within the industry. In addition, the water-based platform will support and promote the application and development of water-based products by providing more sustainable development solutions for the market, enhancing the awareness of water-based technology, and sharing the best experience and methods in water-based technology", Peizhonghua, general manager of DSM Likang resin Greater China, chairman of the first Council of the water-based platform, said, "we realize that to promote the realization of this goal, it is not enough to rely on our own efforts. We must unite with more industry peers to promote the development of China's environmental protection coating industry."

after its establishment, the platform will continue to become a national industrial technology forum and a reliable source of information through a series of activities, provide training for relevant groups and individuals applying water-based technology, enable the general public to correctly understand the "meaning" and "harm" of VOC, and promote the establishment of corresponding national laws and regulations

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