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Wbcp uses the coating industry chain to promote the environmental protection water-based platform

wbcp, and a new coating alliance organization has emerged. Wbcp is the English abbreviation of water-based platform (China). Wbpc (waterborne China platform), founded in July 2009, is a non-profit organization organized and initiated by coating raw and auxiliary material suppliers, finished product manufacturers and Changzhou members. The platform is committed to accelerating the transformation of Chinese industrial coatings, adhesives and other markets from traditional solvent based to waterborne products through cooperation in the coating industry

as a representative of the industry media, I also participated in China's plastic machinery enterprises in October 2009. In recent years, I have increased the opening up of emerging markets for extruders and the VOC media training activities organized by the water-based platform in Beijing. During the two-day activities, the member enterprises of the water-based platform have an urgent need for the promotion of market water-based, standard specialization and water-based technology, Let me once again deeply realize how important "water" is for the future production to suddenly reduce the load on the sample industry chain

attach the list of members of the water-based platform (as of October 2009, ranking in no order)


Bayer materials technology


CNOOC Changzhou coating Chemical Research Institute

cyanate industry




Hengchang coating

Bauhinia paint

Clivia lacquer

Berger Rome

Shandong Shengguang

in 2008, I was also working in a French special chemical media. At that time, my boss was very excited and told me, "you know, the huge amount of raw and auxiliary materials for coatings has also become a landmark product type supplier for different manufacturers to show their technical strength. Suppliers are planning to establish an alliance to promote water-based technology in China." Of course, in the view of foreign counterparts, the biggest problem in the promotion of water-based coatings in China is not that enterprises do not work hard, but that there are no corresponding water-based regulations and standards with China to regulate and promote. This is also very different between the European Union and the United States (especially California). For example, in Germany, the VOC of automotive coatings was strictly limited in 1995, requiring that the emission of organic volatile matter per square meter in construction should not be greater than 35g/㎡. It is necessary to know that the VOC emission of solvent based automotive coatings can reach 125g/㎡

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