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Water soluble packaging: it is only soluble in water and insoluble in oil. The double format independent packaging made of water-soluble film packs dry powder and oil at the same time.

this product can be quickly and completely dissolved in the dishwasher. Consumers not only appreciate the performance of

products, but also think the use process is simple and interesting

water soluble bags are often used to pack powdered or dry products. Both products and packaging can be fully soluble in water or other liquids for ease of use. However, P & G in Cincinnati has successfully found a water-soluble package, which can contain both concentrated dry powder detergent and liquid degreaser. The two in one package of cascade brand actionpacs products is an example of application

this two in one packaging bag was launched in August 2003. It is a small double compartment bag, which is currently used to pack automatic dishwasher cleaners. The raw material of the packaging bag is water-soluble rolled film produced by monosol LLC (). The film packaging is soluble in cold water. Two separate bags are respectively filled with concentrated powder cascade automatic dishwasher cleaner and blue liquid dawn degreaser. The single dosage independent packaging allows consumers to easily use a variety of products at the same time

the outer package of the product without complaint is a green upright bag, made of polyethylene/linear low-density laminated polyethylene, with 20 independent packages inside. The upright bag is equipped with a substrate, with a zipper type RE seal at the opening, and a transparent window on the front, which can well display the inner bag, making the product very eye-catching on the shelf. P & G said that replacing large and bulky cans or boxes with small and light upright soft bags would help maximize the use of shelf space

how to eliminate the detergent of packaging automatic dishwasher: replace the pressure stabilizing spring with appropriate stiffness or the film inner bag for cleaning dirt, which can be dissolved in cold water. Divide the powder detergent and liquid degreaser into separate packages according to the single use dose, which is easy to use and can reflect the benefits of both. The existing water-soluble film technology has taken another step towards packaging powder and liquid together

monosol provides rolled films for packaging. This is a customized film based on the copolymer of DuPont elvanol ㄒ ant (PVOH) and monosol m-8630, and the latter is improved to meet the requirements of P & G and kosher certification

to be exact, the water-soluble biodegradable packaging can contain both powder and liquid without being dissolved by the internal products, which is the main reason for the award of actionpac product packaging. Procter & Gamble only revealed that actionpac dual state products are produced in an undisclosed factory in the United States, and monosol water-soluble film is used on the horizontal molding/filling/sealing machine with standard sealing technology. The specific process is still a mystery

monosol calls its process of producing actionpacs two in one thin film material solution casting process. The package is completely transparent, and you can see white powder cleaner and bright blue liquid degreaser, which increases the attractiveness of the product in sales. As soon as the dishwasher starts the cleaning procedure, the detergent and degreaser begin to dissolve

in this product, the technology has taken another step forward in terms of the application of film in this kind of packaging. Christian Rath, new business development manager of monosol, revealed that the company was invited to study water-soluble film packaging that can hold liquids a few years ago. Now, a number of products have been successfully used in the packaging of liquids such as household, dishes and clothing cleaners. Products packaged with water-soluble film include chemicals that can be widely used in power grid peak shaving, new energy grid connection, off grid power supply and other fields, as well as some industrial chemicals, but those products are packaged in a single form. He said, "actionpacs two in one packaging can be applied at the same time. It can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant velocity loading, constant velocity deformation and constant velocity displacement on products in powder and liquid forms. Ariel liquitabs products we sell in Europe provide us with the experience of monosol water-soluble films, and we use these experience to develop water-soluble films of this product."

According to Rath, the main problems to be solved in research and development are to ensure the chemical compatibility of products and the use value of packaging. In addition, it is also necessary to solve the instability caused by temperature and humidity changes that may exist in film packaging during storage and transportation

P & G also said that the biggest challenge in this application is to ensure the compatibility of water-soluble film and interior products, because the components of powder and liquid products are very different. Denise Savas, deputy director of P & G's R & D department, said, "monosol has the ability to meet this challenge. For us, every factor of the film, such as solubility, compatibility, machinability, mechanical properties and cost, is very important. Monosol's film meets our standards and meets the commercial and technical needs of our actionpacs products."

savas said that cascade two in one actionpacs product has achieved great success in the market, and now there is a great demand for this product. She said: "Using actionpacs does not need to unpack, and the product dissolves quickly and thoroughly in the dishwasher. Customers not only appreciate the performance of the product, but also say that it is easy to use and interesting. We have the first brand of automatic dishwashing detergent in the North American market, and we are constantly innovating, providing products with new advantages like actionpacs. If the product can arouse the interest of consumers, they are willing to try it - this is the reason why this kind of product needs continuous innovation Because. "

monosol's customers can take advantage of the company's internal product compatibility testing service and cooperate with film processing manufacturers, so that they are sure to get film bags that can be completely dissolved without leaving any residue

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