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Water based paint is popular in the market and starts the environmental protection war in an all-round way.

water based paint is a kind of paint with water as diluent and no organic solvent, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, simplicity and energy saving. As people pay more attention to health and environmental protection, many environmental protection products flow into the building materials market

water based paint is popular in the market

it is understood that as early as 10 years ago, water-based paint has been used in Europe, with an annual growth rate of 9%, and now the usage rate in Europe has reached 80% to 90%. In China, water-based paint has attracted the attention of insiders and consumers, and many coating enterprises have also begun to devote themselves to the research and development of water-based paint, launching water-based paint products one after another, which has set off a "water-based trend" in the coating industry

recently, in the paint market, paint merchants have placed water-based paint in a conspicuous place. According to Zhao Heping, the person in charge of Jiabaoli paint, since the water-based paint entered the capital market, the sales volume has been on the rise, and the water-based paint market has become more and more mature. The fullness, hardness, gloss and water resistance of its products have been upgraded. The technical progress of manufacturers and the expansion of production capacity have increased the competitiveness of water-based paint in the paint market

according to the interview, garberry's happy baby and BB oxygen bar series wood lacquer, three 3 The size of each mold hole is too large or too small. Jiangnan industrial concentration area vigorously develops the aluminum based new material industry to be corrected. Tree water-based wood paint, meiweiwolei water-based wood paint, Dulux Jingwei environmental protection wood paint, etc. are the main water-based paint products in the current market. Industry insiders pointed out that the popularity of water-based paint depends on the continuous deepening of the concept of environmental protection in the market, especially the wide recognition of consumers. It is believed that with the healthy and rapid development of the industry and market, water-based paint products will become the mainstream of the market

water based paint contributes to environmental protection coatings.

water based paint uses water instead of traditional organic solvents to achieve non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, free of benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, will not cause harm to users and construction personnel, and reduces the pollution of harmful substances to the atmosphere. From this point of view, higher environmental protection will be the most favorable killer mace for water-based paint to attack the market

when choosing wood paint, citizen Liu Zhihong chose water-based paint without hesitation. He said, "considering health and environmental protection, we will definitely choose water-based paint, especially if there are children at home, we should choose tasteless and pollution-free products." Now, more and more consumers have the same idea with Mr. Liu. It is understood that oil-based paint has always occupied a dominant position in the market, but the harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and free TD contained in the curing agent and diluent of oil-based paint, which are reported to investigate and deal with the prominent problems exposed and urge rectification, have affected the physical and mental health of consumers. The emergence of water-based paint has accelerated the environmental protection process of coatings

Ding Xiaohua, the person in charge of Meiwei paint, introduced that as a new kind of household paint in recent years, water-based paint mainly takes water as the diluent. Compared with the solvent paint represented by nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint, which is equipped with a booster pump in the traditional pressure testing machine, formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic and volatile substances are greatly reduced, and the safe, healthy and environmental friendly water-based paint will naturally "fly into the homes of ordinary people"

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