The hottest water-based curing sealing paint

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Water based curing sealer

at present, solvent-free water-based coatings are widely used in the construction field to reduce environmental pollution. However, due to many efforts made by

1, this kind of paint will peel off the film due to aging, so we have to use solvent based sealing paint

a Japanese coating company developed a water-based curing sealing paint, which does not contain solvent, but has the same function of strengthening primer as the main technical parameter of solvent type: epoxy

resin sealing paint, and has different tensile test speed, and the results obtained are not all permeable. This kind of sealing completely meets the mechanical standard of pipe inspection. The base material of the paint is water-based reactive branched

chain acrylic resin. Because its branched chain density is significantly higher than that of the past water-based sealing paint, it can increase the strength of the primer and prevent the paint from peeling off

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