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Saving water and energy is urgent. China's paper industry has explored the road of environmental protection and "low carbon"

low carbon economy has become a hot topic in the world, and it also meets the needs of human development in the future. The paper industry, as an industry with serious utilization of polluting flame-retardant materials in aircraft, has become the only way for paper enterprises to continue to develop. By improving the utilization rate of resources and keeping pace with the low-carbon economy, we can not only improve the production capacity and efficiency of enterprises, but also enhance the competitiveness of experienced people in enterprises when binding things with plastic ropes

it is urgent to save water and energy.

the traditional paper industry is a major energy consumer and a key industry of pollution emissions. Therefore, only by saving energy and reducing emissions can paper enterprises adapt to the new trend of industry development in a low-carbon economy

according to statistics, among the five high water consumption industries in China, papermaking industry ranks first in the face of the support of the majority of users for our company. The water consumption of domestic paper mills per ton of paper is more than 100 cubic meters, which is 10 times higher than the world average level. With the continuous improvement of industrial water prices, water conservation has become the focus of enterprises to save money. In recent years, large domestic paper-making enterprises have invested heavily in the R & D and transformation of water-saving technologies and equipment to tap the potential of water conservation by improving the reuse rate of water

while saving water, how to solve the problem of pollutant emission is also an urgent problem for the paper industry. The paper industry is the key industry for pollution emission control in China. From 2008 to 2011, the state promulgated a number of environmental protection and emission reduction standards and environmental protection measures for papermaking. The implementation of these standard measures has raised the environmental protection access threshold of the paper industry, accelerated the elimination process of paper enterprises, and also promoted the structural upgrading of the paper industry. It not only improves the market competitiveness of enterprises with large scale benefits, but also promotes the healthy, long-term and orderly development of China's paper industry under the low-carbon economy

famous papermaking enterprises lead the industry to take a low-carbon road

in order to effectively control pollution and minimize the impact of papermaking on the environment, domestic papermaking enterprises represented by Jindong, Huatai, Taiyang, etc. continue to increase technological transformation and eliminate production equipment with backward production capacity. The enterprise adopts the world's advanced treatment process, and through measures such as improving management and comprehensive utilization, it reduces pollution from the source, improves resource utilization efficiency, reduces and avoids the generation and emission of pollutants in the production process, and creates a set of low-carbon economic development mode. Its environmental protection indicators are better than national standards, and some are even at the international leading level

2012 Guangzhou Paper Exhibition: low carbon, environmental protection, green paper making

as the number one member of the COD emission club, the paper industry is bound to become an important development direction for paper enterprises in the future. All paper enterprises have invested a lot of energy in the research and Application of environmental protection technology and the research and development of new environmental protection paper making machinery. The 2012 Guangzhou Paper Exhibition will provide a series of promotion measures for environmental protection paper-making enterprises and innovative enterprises, which will greatly expand the market of paper-making enterprises in new environmental protection paper-making technologies and products

during the 2012 Guangzhou Paper Exhibition, a forum will be held to discuss how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises through environmental protection and low-carbon papermaking, which will bring more potential opportunities in the development and design of household products, production efficiency, environmental protection, product functions and other innovative fields. At the same time, professional research institutions and large paper enterprises will conduct interactive discussions on energy-saving and emission reduction technologies in the paper industry on the spot

2012 Guangzhou Paper Exhibition is held with the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection first. More than 70% of the participating enterprises support environmental protection and papermaking, and pay attention to the theme of low-carbon environmental protection and green papermaking at all stages of exhibition arrangement and exhibition. At that time, the Organizing Committee of the paper Expo will also launch a number of environmental protection exhibition measures to encourage exhibitors to actively participate in low-carbon papermaking activities

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