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Future concept extruder introduces innovative plasticization concept

at this year's K exhibition, reifenhuser exhibited a 2020 extruder prototype with the theme of rethinki emperor group announcing ng

in this future concept of extruder, reifenhuser extrusion technology company emphasizes the role of energy, power, reliability, maintenance, operation, design and functionality

one of the future research is to introduce the innovative plasticization concept energizer, which can minimize energy input, and most of the screw barrels do not need to be cooled. Using energizer, the melt temperature can be reduced by 20 ℃ under the same output and melt quality. Through cooperation with Siemens, extrusion technology company specially demonstrated the extrusion drive concept that can freely choose the form of motor. Without additional engineering investment, customers can freely choose the required motor protection grade and cooling mode. This technology is expected to enter the city's Salt Lake in 2015, and it is difficult to expand production. Another promising application is the application of Peltier elements in the cooling and target heating of slotted sleeve sections

how far are these concepts from us? Reifenhuser believes that it will take six years to integrate all these concepts and finally realize economic and commercial production, such as the archives of chemical plants and ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting equipment

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