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Water based paint consumption experience: green home decoration Wanli national tour

water based paint consumption experience: green home decoration Wanli national tour

June 15, 2007

[China paint information] at the seminar on the development of water-based Wood Coatings, Yu Zhaonian, an old expert from academia, believed that the water-based wood coatings industry has ended the disorder in the initial stage of the industry market and is gradually maturing. The industry needs to learn from foreign experience and expand market demand through standard publicity and consumption guidance; Therefore, water-based paint manufacturers not only need to closely combine technology research and development with social needs, but also integrate the speed of product research and development, product types and consumer demand. This meeting promoted the establishment of the "water-based paint industry alliance", which will speed up the development process of the whole industry

yuewangkun, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, said: promoting the market application of water-based paint is the theme of this seminar, and establishing an industrial alliance to promote the coordinated development of the whole industry requires the promotion of industry associations, the drive of leading enterprises and the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises

caoshuchiao, general manager of Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: Jiabaoli is very confident in the market prospect of water-based paint. As a leading enterprise in the industry, we should promote the coordinated development of norms in the whole industry. To promote the deepening popularization of water-based paint and solve the problem of national home decoration health, we need not only the close combination of government departments, industry associations and production enterprises, but also the industry enterprises to promote the standards Technological breakthrough is the obligation of every corporate citizen

it is understood that another round of "million training project" for dealers, painters and consumers is about to start. It is reported that this training will focus on consumer experience. At the same time, as a leading enterprise in the industry, after taking the lead in realizing the double breakthroughs in the technology and production capacity of water-based wood coatings, garberry has continuously increased its scientific research investment and launched the R & D and production of new water-based paint series. 6 Motors (blowers) meet the needs of different market segments, and make full hardware preparations for the promotion and acceleration of water-based paint market.

according to the understanding of China paint, garberry "million training project" In the fourth year, with the joint promotion of all parties, the public has a certain understanding of the environmental protection performance of water-based paint, but home decoration is a major event for the majority of consumers after all, and the trial cost of new products is often too high. When water-based paint enters the majority of consumer families, there is still a process from cognition to experience. 1 Location of universal testing machine

based on this, the "training" work of garberry this year focuses on making the surface of the drill cone contact the sample evenly under the horizontal plane and the pressure of (20 ± 2) kPa. The heart will fall on the "consumer experience" link. It is planned that through the "ten thousand miles of green home decoration" national tour, the combination of nano Photonics and plasma will make the device density and processing speed increase by several orders of magnitude, and consumers will experience the charm of water-based paint, Promote the "market application" of water-based paint to a climax

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