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Special safety technical measures for electrical primary equipment installation engineering

1. Strictly implement safety management rules and regulations and safety construction specifications, and earnestly perform the safety responsibilities of construction personnel at all levels

2. The mobilization of construction personnel is absolutely subject to the management of safety supervisors and construction management personnel

3. Before construction, the safety and reliability of machinery, tools and instruments should be checked. Construction personnel should wear safe and qualified construction protective articles and fasten safety belts for high-altitude (2m and above) operations

4. Do a good job of construction technical disclosure and the issuance of safe operation order tickets

5. Construction personnel should be in place, with clear and reasonable division of labor, unified and coordinated command, and tacit cooperation

6. Construction personnel should obey the command to avoid blind operation and illegal construction

7. The hoisting road is unobstructed, the site is open and flat, and a certain hoisting construction surface is reserved

8. It is strictly forbidden to have construction personnel working beside the crane for turning and lifting, and ensure that there is sufficient turning radius

9. Before hoisting equipment, you should first understand and calculate the quantity of equipment to be hoisted, cranes and steel. 1. Pointer tension testing machine: due to the low testing accuracy of this kind of traditional tension testing machine, because of the safety factor of wire rope, you should also check whether the wire rope and sling are intact and undamaged, and whether the construction machinery and construction personnel have the hoisting conditions

10. When the lifting equipment is 30cm away from the ground, check whether the lifting condition is normal and check the safety factor

11. Once the equipment is hoisted, the fastening of screws should be checked in time

12. Do not pull the crane diagonally or hard

13. Operators working at heights should pay attention to the ground operation, use tool bags to transfer items, and avoid throwing and falling objects

14. Avoid collision and damage of tools and instruments during construction on the equipment, which makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more promising. Equipment

15. During night construction, the site should have sufficient lighting facilities, and it will return to its peak in time

16. Environmental management, establish an environmental protection system, strengthen publicity and education, so that construction personnel can consciously implement environmental protection measures, ensure civilized construction on site, and timely clean the packing plates out of the site and stack them in a centralized manner to avoid large-scale damage to the environment

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