Special topic on the impact of the hottest macro-c

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Special topic on the impact of macro-control on the construction machinery industry

Special Topic on the impact of macro-control on the construction machinery industry

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road construction projects have not decreased

the opinions of experts from the Ministry of communications indicate that the total investment in national key projects directly related to the construction machinery industry has not decreased significantly. On the contrary, he said that the state attaches unprecedented importance to railway and highway construction. As for the source of funds, it is guaranteed by car purchase tax, road maintenance fee and other credit support. He revealed that the Ministry of communications plans to build more than 80000 kilometers of national highways by 2030, and the total mileage reported by the provinces is 130000 kilometers. Among these highway construction projects, the construction machinery industry can do something: skeleton engineering and rural engineering; Highway maintenance and emergency repair projects in developed areas; The completed provincial highway and national highway reconstruction project. He said that although the highway construction investment is relatively large, there have been more than 300 billion yuan of loans in recent years, but different from the practice of other countries funded by the government, most of them adopt credit, which may have an impact on the progress of the project at a certain stage. In addition, the township to township project and the goal of 75% urban population need to be constructed. The South-to-North Water Diversion Project and various flood control projects have been increasing, and the reconstruction of old cities and the construction of new cities have been carried out in succession. In short, the total investment related to construction machinery has not declined

why did you slam the brakes?

industry experts said that according to the past law, there has been a sharp rise for three consecutive years. In order to ensure timely delivery to customers, it is very rare, and appropriate adjustments need to be made to avoid blind development. Experts from the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission said that in fact, this downward adjustment should have occurred in 2001 and 2002, and the emergence of SARS last year delayed this possibility. In practical work, signs of rapid development and impatience have emerged. For example, in 2000, there were less than 200 tower crane manufacturing enterprises nationwide, while at present, there are more than 300 in Shandong Province alone. He said that from experience, the last year of each "Five-Year Plan" is a relatively light year. Coupled with the need for stimulating economic development, the world capital frequently optimistic about the Chinese market and other factors, as well as the commencement of some key projects such as the Olympic Games and the WorldExpo, it further stimulated the increase of production enterprises and projects. In addition, from the perspective of the high rental rate and the reduction of the recovery rate (less than 60%), it is obvious that the bank is under too much pressure and the investment is overheated

the total area of work resumption in Beijing this year was originally scheduled to be 120million square meters (last year was 100million square meters), but according to the current situation, it may be reduced to 100million square meters. The expert said that according to the current market situation, Beijing should close at least 20 mixing plants. According to his specific analysis, the total construction area of Olympic venues in Beijing is 1.4 million square meters. According to the plan, the construction shall be completed by the end of 2006. The 200 degradation products are non-toxic. The commissioning was completed seven years ago, and some venues were commissioned in early 2008. Accordingly, he believes that Beijing's bid for the Olympic Games has left few opportunities for the construction machinery industry. In addition, Beijing's economy has risen for six consecutive years, the cost of road construction and other costs have increased year by year, while construction safety accidents still occur frequently. The material funds, equipment funds, including migrant workers' wages, are seriously in arrears, and Beijing's overall equipment investment has been basically completed, with sufficient equipment ownership, which is not conducive to the sales of construction machinery in the Beijing market

enterprises should plan before they move

from the perspective of some mainframe manufacturers, compared with the sudden change of the market ten years ago, more operators began to turn to rational thinking, which seemed unhurried. More optimistic, and even think that sales may pick up in June. A relatively unanimous view is that the construction machinery industry is not the main target of the country's macro-control this time, but the total production and marketing volume is generally adjusted accordingly. Whether all kinds of products can achieve the plan at the beginning of this year may be a question mark. Construction machinery is the product of social progress, and its products have been highly developed and valued all over the world. As long as people build roads and houses, this industry exists. However, its development speed is too fast, which will inevitably lead to some problems. Therefore, timely and effective control is more conducive to the long-term development of the industry. At the time of the emergence of the economic inflection point, it is of great significance to extend this process of rapid economic growth

in addition, it has been noted that the state leaders have clearly pointed out that the current economic situation in China is generally good, and macro-control has achieved results. The momentum of excessive investment growth has been curbed, the growth rate of money supply and loans has declined, the prices of means of production have fallen, and unstable and unhealthy factors in economic operation have been restrained to a certain extent. However, the prominent contradictions in economic operation have not been fundamentally resolved, the supply and demand of coal, electricity and oil transportation are still quite tight, the investment scale is still too large, and the task of macro-control is very heavy. Experts believe that any change is a new impact testing machine (English Name: impacttesting machine) for enterprises that are prepared, which refers to the opportunity to apply impact testing force to samples. At present, there are about 100 in the international construction machinery market. Recently, many customers asked what problems should be paid attention to in the use of pressure testing machines. The circulation of US $0 billion, and some high-level and high-quality products are fully capable of entering the international market and opening up a new world

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