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Special safety plan for the installation and demolition of temporary hanging baskets

I. Basic requirements

(1) buildings

confirm that they have sufficient strength

no deformation, cracks and corrosion

the structure, shape and size of the layer can meet the requirements of the safe erection or displacement of the suspension mechanism at the working part of the basket

the compression and bending load at the parapet support shall be tested according to relevant regulations, and the measured value shall meet the erection requirements

(2) linkage

before the installation of the linkage, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether the welds are desoldered and missed, whether the pins are inserted properly, and whether the bolts are complete and tightened

the installation spacing of the suspension mechanism should be equal to the length of the basket platform

(3) steel wire rope

the material of steel wire rope shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb1102 on adding Mo element to high chromium cast iron type surfacing alloy. When the climbing mechanism is used as the hoist, the material of its steel wire rope shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb8902

no wire rope fracture, diameter reduction, distortion, deformation, corrosion and other defects

appropriate length

the end processing part is normal

the steel wire rope must be firmly fixed at the front end of the cantilever beam. There must be at least 3 steel wire rope chucks at the fixed end, and the nuts must be tightened. The chucks must not slip. The direction of the chucks is consistent, and the spacing is () d (D - the diameter of the steel wire rope)

(4) basket platform

the basket platform is assembled and connected as a whole according to the required length (not exceeding the length specified in the manufacturer's instructions) (including inner and outer side and end guardrail)

connecting bolts and fasteners of all parts shall be tightened. The weld of the welding point shall be free from defects of desoldering and missing welding

(5) safety lock threading steel wire rope

the safety lock must be effective and reliable, and the release handle and reset handle must be flexible

turn the safety lock reset lever to the release position

insert the steel wire rope head from the upper end hole of the safety lock and make the steel wire rope pass through the mechanism

pull up the steel wire rope at the speed of 1.5m per minute and check whether it is locked; If the locking distance is large, the malleable iron castings GB 9440 (8) should be overhauled at 100mm, and can be used only after passing the inspection

pull the reset lever again to the release position, and make the steel wire rope go up and down freely in the mechanism

hoist a heavy hammer 600mm above the ground after threading the rope

the contacts of all parts must be firm, the overload limiter and limiter must be effective, and the power insulation must be good

(6) personal safety rope

the material, diameter, length and installation quantity of safety rope should be selected according to the regulations

no damage

the rope locking device operates normally

should be fixed separately from the lifting lock (the upper end should not be involved with all parts of the linkage)

if the safety rope may contact the corner of the building, it should be protected with rubber, linen, etc. as a lining

(7) various safety protection devices must be safe, reliable and effective

(8) before operation, a qualified professional team and personnel with installation qualification shall be employed. The commander shall be determined according to the site conditions, and the safety warning area shall be delimited and monitored by a specially assigned person

II Installation and removal of hanging basket

(1) installation process and practice of hanging basket

mobilization and positioning → installation of cantilever mechanism → installation of counterweight block of cantilever mechanism → installation of hanging steel wire rope (including working steel wire rope and safety steel wire rope, with appropriate length left on the ground, about M) → put the operation platform in place and hang it at the lower end of the steel wire rope → insert the working steel wire rope into the lifting mechanism (make the steel wire rope in a taut state) → thread the safety wire rope into the safety lock → lift the working wire rope and safety wire rope hammer 600mm above the ground (make the working wire rope and safety wire rope in a taut state, which should be carried out at the left and right ends respectively) → conduct a comprehensive inspection of the system (if all parts are checked correctly) → the installer enters the operation platform (fasten the safety belt, and the safety belt is firmly connected with the single joint and personal safety rope) → raise the basket platform → lower → installation is over

(2) the removal process flow and practice of the basket

the removal process flow is opposite to the practice and installation

III. safety protection points for the support, disassembly and use of the basket

the load of the basket shall not exceed 1200n/m2. Generally, only one person can operate it, and not more than two people can lift it The personnel and materials on the basket shall be symmetrically distributed, and shall not be concentrated at one end, so as to balance the load at both ends of the basket

the load-bearing steel wire rope should be less than the load-bearing capacity of the steel wire rope with a diameter of 12.5mm (i.e. 4-point rope) The hanging basket shall be equipped with safety wire rope, and its diameter shall not be less than 12.5mm. At least 3 buckles of steel wire rope. Steel wire ropes with joints are strictly prohibited

the distance between two baskets shall not be greater than 20cm, and it is not allowed to connect two or more baskets together and lift at the same time; The joint of two hanging baskets shall be staggered with the construction surface of windows and balconies. Generally, the length of the basket shall not exceed 8m and the width shall not exceed 1m. Two lifting points are set for those with a length of less than 3m, and three lifting points are set for those with a length of more than 3m. For baskets assembled with steel pipes, the spacing between upright rods shall not be greater than 2m, and inclined supports or cross covers shall be set on both large and small surfaces; For hanging baskets with welded frames, the spacing between upright rods shall not be greater than 2.5m, and cross covers shall be set on the large surface

the scaffold board in the hanging basket shall be made of high-quality wood. When the thickness of the wood is 2.5cm, the spacing of small cross bars is 50cm; When the thickness of the board is 5cm, the spacing of the small cross bars is 14, which is the development of bio based plastic M. The scaffold board is fully paved and tightly paved. The inner side of the basket operation layer must be provided with a protective fence, and the outer wall must be firmly fixed with the building during operation; When there is no place to pull, effective fixing measures should be taken. The distance between the inner side of the basket and the outer wall shall not exceed 10cm, and the other three sides shall be provided with guardrails. The outside of the hanging basket must be closed with a stand

for the embedded lifting rings bearing the tension of the cantilever beam on the roof, round steel with a diameter of not less than 12mm shall be used, and the length embedded in the concrete shall be more than 36mm, which shall be firmly welded with the main reinforcement. The distance between the embedded lifting ring and the fulcrum shall not be less than 3m. When the cantilever beam is connected with the lifting ring, the steel wire rope with a diameter of more than 10mm or the flower basket with a diameter of more than 03 shall be used for inspection and connection. The cantilever beam shall be made of no less than 14 I-beam or other materials with a bearing capacity greater than 14 I-beam. One end of the cantilever beam protruding out of the building should be slightly higher than the other end. Between the cantilever beams, the inner and outer ends of the cantilever beams shall be firmly connected with steel pipes or fir poles to form a whole. The connection between the load-bearing steel wire rope and the cantilever beam must be firm, and there should be protective measures to prevent the steel wire rope from being sheared. When using the clamping method, there should be no less than 3 clips, and the rope should be well bent safely

the sling used for the basket should pass under the main horizontal pipe of the basket. The included angle between the sling under the hook and the main horizontal pipe inside and outside the basket should be maintained at 45 °. At the same time, the hook and sling should be blocked with rope clamps, and there must be safety measures to prevent decoupling, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to use

when lifting the basket, shake the hand block or pull the chain block at the same time. All lifting points should be lifted and lowered at the same time to maintain the balance of the basket and do not collide with the building. Especially in the balcony, window and other parts, there should be a special person responsible for promoting the hanging basket to prevent it from hanging and touching the building. The safety wire rope shall not be laid more than 1m each time, and all 1 Experimental force: 2kg-20kg rope clamp. When lifting the basket, the operator must fasten the safety belt

after assembly, the basket must be accepted by relevant departments before it can be used. It is strictly prohibited to work on the head protection shed of the basket and outside the protection, and no one is allowed to dismantle or modify the basket without authorization. During the use of the hanging basket, special personnel should be assigned to regularly inspect, repair and maintain it. Problems found should be solved immediately. Workers are strictly prohibited from working in the hanging basket with hidden dangers. After bad weather such as strong wind, heavy rain and snow, the basket should be comprehensively inspected and can be used only after it is qualified

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