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Forum of famous experts: analysis of influencing factors of post press cutting quality

in the actual cutting work, the operator should pay attention to eliminating the influencing factors of clearing the angle value to reduce the cutting error as much as possible

1. Inspection of cutting quality

after cutting, the paper stack should be checked in four aspects:

① whether the overall size and specification meet the requirements

② whether the two adjacent cutting lines are vertical

③ whether the cutting surface is smooth and whether there are knife marks

④ whether the upper and lower dimensions of the paper stack are inconsistent (i.e. upper and lower knives)

2. Analysis of factors affecting cutting quality

whether the paper cutting size is qualified and whether the cutting surface is smooth are closely related to the height of the stack, the geometry of the cutter, the sharpness of the blade, the pressure of the paper press, the type and moisture content of the paper, and the working state of the paper cutter

(1) the height of the paper stack

as the height of the paper stack increases, the cutting size error will increase. Because the paper stack is too high, the pressing pressure increases correspondingly, the shear resistance of the paper stack increases, and the bending deformation of the paper stack is increased. The cut paper stack is easy to appear long at the top and short at the bottom. Now it must be installed according to the existing environment. Therefore, it is best to control the height of the paper stack below 100mm

(2) knife edge sharpness

the knife edge is sharp, the paper stack aligns with the cutting knife, and then selects and assembles the suitable fixture and fixture block, the shear resistance is small, the cutting products are neat, and the incision is smooth; If the cutting edge is worn, the cutting quality and speed will decline. If there are uneven patterns (knife flowers) with different upper and lower cuts, the knife should be replaced in time

(3) presser pressure

the presser must be pressed along the paper cutting line, otherwise the cut paper is better than PES and nylon sheets, and mushroom edges will appear

the pressure of the paper press should be adjusted according to the type of cutting paper, the height of the stack, the sharpness of the blade and other factors

when cutting different kinds of paper, the corresponding pressure and blade grinding angle should be selected. When cutting soft and thin paper, the pressure of the paper press should be higher, otherwise, the paper on the upper layer will be bent and deformed, resulting in the phenomenon of long up and short down of the cut paper; When cutting hard and smooth paper, the pressure should be small. If the pressure is too high, the blade is easy to deviate from the side with low pressure during cutting, resulting in the phenomenon of short up and long down of the cut paper; When cutting hard paper, the cutting resistance is large, and the grinding angle of the blade should be larger, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the lower part of the paper stack cannot be cut through

(4) paper moisture content

when the paper moisture content is normal (7% - 8%), the cutting accuracy is high. If the moisture content changes, the friction between sheets increases, affecting the cutting accuracy

(5) paper cutter status

the parallelism, height and verticality of the cutter and the workbench, the parallelism of the working surface of the paper pusher and the cutting line, and the verticality with the workbench will affect the cutting quality. When installing and maintaining the paper cutter, it should be adjusted accurately

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