Special shaped package of the hottest fruit jelly

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Shaped packaging of fruit jelly Shuang

at present, jelly Shuang in the market is mostly packaged in imported self-supporting mouth bags. As people pay more attention to nutrition and health in their eating habits, it is common to add fruit grains to jelly and integrate the unique texture of plastic such as sharp shape and gloss/matte, which are difficult for pottery to achieve, which makes the quality assurance function of packaging bags more strict. This product is packed with aluminum-plastic composite film, which greatly improves the barrier and fresh-keeping period of the product

in terms of outer packaging design, the biggest difference from other jelly Shuang packaging is that it adopts a special-shaped packaging bag, which is very unique and suitable for hand holding, which is very attractive to children and young people. The taste of this product is highlighted on both sides of the bag, and the peaches with drops of water on the picture are delicate and charming, enhancing sensory stimulation

and in the small right corner of the front of the bag, there is a sign of "suggested retail price", which also plays a good role in standardizing the market operation

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