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In gravure printing, the registration between different colors SBS is an excellent styrene thermoplastic elastomer, which depends on the linear speed and tension of the drum. Theoretically, the diameter of all rollers should be exactly the same, and this can be achieved by using modern polishing devices. 3. Conclusion. If there is a deviation in the diameter of the cylinder, the operator should put the cylinder with the smallest diameter on the first color group, and the cylinder with the largest diameter should be placed on the last color group. In other words, the first color is printed with the cylinder with the smallest diameter first, and the last color is printed with the cylinder with the largest diameter. The two are arranged in an increasing order. It should be noted that the error we are talking about here is a few thousandths of an inch. The printing color sequence used for surface printing is generally from light to deep, that is, the printing color sequence is laid out in the order of light to deep colors, first printing light colors, then printing dark colors, which is basically the order of yellow (y), magenta (m), cyan (c) and black (k). In the inner printing process, it is guaranteed that there will be no leakage under the pressure of 21MPa. The printing color sequence is just the opposite, printing dark colors first, and then printing light colors, that is, black (k), cyan (c), magenta (m) and yellow (y)

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