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"World's first bridge" pavement pavement Guiyang Weng expressway is fully opened

"world's first bridge" pavement Guiyang Weng expressway is fully opened

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at 6:00 p.m. on December 18, with the completion of the final stage of pavement, the Qingshuihe bridge of Guiyang Weng expressway is officially opened, becoming the first steel truss suspension bridge in mountainous areas with the longest single span steel truss in the world. The completion of the bridge announced the successful completion of the whole Guiyang Weng expressway, and then entered the final marking and other finishing work. After the completion and acceptance of the whole line, the Guiyang Weng expressway, which lasted for more than two years, will be officially opened to traffic

Qingshuihe bridge on Guiyang Weng expressway is located on the Qingshuihe gorge at the junction of maoyun Township, Kaiyang County, Guiyang city and Jianzhong Town, Weng'an county, Qiannan Prefecture. The bridge is 2171.4 meters long, with a main span of 1130 meters and a main tower height of 220 meters. The stability of flame retardant reinforced PBT is good, and the widely used system is still bromine antimony system. The depth from the bridge deck to the valley bottom is 406 meters, which is more than the famous Baling River Super Large suspension bridge

the bridge was started in July 2013 and closed successfully on September 26 this year. With each enterprise in the zone, it launched unique and competitive products, that is, it entered the stage of bridge deck pavement. After completion, Qingshuihe bridge has become the largest suspension bridge in Guizhou Province, the largest single span plate truss combined stiffening girder suspension bridge in the world, and the first steel truss girder suspension bridge in Asia

Guiyang Weng expressway is an expressway connecting Guiyang and Weng'an. It starts from Lizi village, Shuitian Town, Wudang District, Guiyang and ends at qianjiayuan, Yinzhan Town, Weng'an county. The total length of the route is about 89 kilometers, with a total investment of about 11.181 billion yuan. It is a two-way four lane Expressway, with a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a subgrade width of 24.5 meters. The construction began on December 12, 2012

after the whole line is completed and opened to traffic, you can start from Guiyang to Weng'an. You can go to the ring expressway from shangjianpo to Xiaobi in Wudang District, bypass a small section of Guizun double track, and then enter guiweng'an expressway. After 71 kilometers, you can reach Weng'an county, and the driving time will be shortened from the previous 4.5 hours to 1 hour. Since then, Weng'an will really enter Guiyang one hour economic circle

Guiyang Weng expressway will also become the hub of Hangzhou Ruili Expressway and Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Guizhou, which can stably produce expressway. At the same time, it will also be a convenient channel for Guiyang to open up the Northeast export. At the same time, three expressways connecting Weng'an, including Jiang Weng and dao'an, will also be opened to traffic by the end of this year. At that time, Weng'an will have four expressways connecting the outside world, which will become a large interconnection and connecting line, and also an important connecting line connecting the east line of Guizhou Province and the provincial main channel

with the completion and opening of a number of projects such as Guiyang Weng expressway, the "three-year battle" of expressway construction in Guizhou Province will be successfully concluded by the end of this year, officially announcing the successful realization of the grand goal of "connecting counties with expressways" in the province

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