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Pay close attention to "CNC machine tools" to improve the industry level

machine tools have always been known as machine tools. It provides equipment for all sectors of the national economy and is an important symbol of the level of a country's machinery manufacturing industry

China's machine tool output ranks fourth in the world, but high-end CNC machine tools are still mainly imported. Improve the level of machine tools in China as a whole -- the machine tool should hold on to the CNC

in recent years, China's machine tools have maintained a double-digit growth. Last year, the output value reached 26billion yuan, ranking fourth in the world. However, the consumption of machine tools in China exceeded US $5.9 billion (about 48.8 billion yuan), ranking first in the world for the first time

it puts forward new innovative requirements for the allocation of scientific instruments, testing conditions and methods, testing and evaluation specifications and standardized material development in data analysis and testing technology

the output value is 26 billion yuan, and the consumption exceeds 22 billion yuan, and the difference naturally depends on imports. According to customs statistics, last year, China imported machine tool products, metal cutting machine tools and forging equipment, about US $3.15 billion, which is also the first in the world! Last year, the export of the whole industry was only 1/10 - $310million of the import. The current situation of China's machine tool industry can be summarized as three big and one small -- large consumer, large producer, large importer and small exporter. Said Cheng Ting, director general of China Machine Tool Industry Association

look at CNC at the master machine level. In 1992, China's annual output of CNC machine tools was only more than 4200. Last year, the number was more than 24800, an increase of 41.6% over the previous year. In the past 10 years, the output of CNC metal cutting machine tools in China has more than quadrupled, the development of CNC machine tools has accelerated, and a number of high-end CNC machine tools that reflect the current development trend of CNC machine tools in the world have come out, such as linear motor driven machining centers, five axis turning and milling composite centers, five axis gantry machining centers, etc. It can be said that the overall quality of China's machine tool industry has been significantly improved

however, compared with developed countries, the CNC rate of machine tools in China is not high, and the CNC rate of production output value is less than 30%; The numerical control rate of consumption value is less than 50%, while most developed countries are about 70%. Take gold cutting machine tools for example. China's output last year was 230000, of which only 24000 were CNC machine tools, which was only 1/10 of the output. High grade CNC machine tools and supporting parts can only be imported

China has a unique market space for developing machine tool industry. Especially in the next few years, automobile, information and high-tech industries will develop strongly in China. Yu Chengting believes that the development of China's machine tool industry has ushered in a sunny day

-- the electromechanical and equipment industries represented by the automotive industry have put forward higher requirements for the machine tool industry. According to the statistics of the three major automobile and nine backbone factories, 26.1 billion yuan was invested in technological transformation this year, and nearly 7.3 billion yuan was invested in the technological transformation of auto parts, including 4.2 billion yuan related to the machine tool industry

-- the information industry is the leading industry with the fastest growth in China, which will provide strong support for the development of China's machine tool industry. The high-tech industry characterized by new materials, new energy, which has a great relationship with the materials that customers need to experiment and the experimental space of tension, compression, bending resistance and twists will also become a new highlight of China's economic development. Its development requires a large number of high-precision, composite, intelligent, multi axis control and automatic high-end machine tools. The demand for machine tools caused by many national key projects is also considerable

-- the pace of technological transformation of traditional industries has accelerated, and the requirements for the level of manufacturing equipment and the degree of numerical control are becoming higher and higher

-- in order to accelerate the research and development of new products and mass production capacity, the military industry such as aviation and aerospace has a large-scale investment in technological transformation every year, which requires the purchase of a large number of machine tools and equipment.

the cake is really attractive, but it is not easy to enjoy it

Yu Chengting pointed out that with the development of machine tool industry, Chengye CNC failed. At present, the development and production capacity of high-end CNC machine tools and complete sets of line forming equipment in China cannot meet the market needs in terms of variety, quality and quantity. Take the automobile industry and aerospace industry for example, the urgently needed high-end CNC machine tools and equipment include: high-speed machining center, multi axis machining center, double spindle turning center and turning milling center, precision grinder and compound grinder, precision electric machining machine tool, precision large-scale leading boring and milling machine and precision floor boring and milling machine, high-efficiency CNC special machine, etc. these equipment can not be well met by domestic enterprises, and the industrialization level needs to be improved

bite the CNC to improve the level

Yu Chengting said that it is urgent to improve the level of China's machine tools as a whole. At present, it is necessary to pay special attention to strengthening international cooperation and improving the supply level of high-end CNC machine tools and complete sets on the basis of improving the independent development of CNC machine tools as soon as possible

numerical control technology is integrated and optimized by computer software, hardware technology, network technology, precision measurement and other technologies. At present, numerical control technology is developing in the direction of high speed, compound, intelligence, precision and environmental protection. Yu Chengting believes that blindly waiting for and relying on other countries to transfer the latest and most advanced technology and equipment can only miss a good opportunity. At present, we must quickly improve the independent development and manufacturing capacity of CNC machine tools. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an effective numerical control technology development center, strengthen the research and testing of key processes, and form a complete set of development capabilities; At the same time, through cooperative production and joint venture, we can realize the high starting point, batch and specialization of mainstream product production

to improve the quality of machine tools with a length of 240mm, we must establish a new development model for machine tool enterprises. Insiders believe that machine tool enterprises should shrink the front, refine their main business, and master the core technology of key parts and key processes. General parts processing can fully implement international procurement. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the strategic alliance of enterprise development. In order to obtain the latest technology more quickly, enterprises can directly marry domestic and foreign scientific research institutions

compared with CNC machine tool hosts, the development of China's functional component manufacturing enterprises lags behind. However, functional components not only determine the performance of the machine tool, but also account for about 60% of the cost of the machine tool. Its development is directly related to the competitiveness of the machine tool. At present, the production enterprises of functional components in China are generally small in scale and scattered in layout, and some of them are still attached to main engine plants or research institutes. It is urgent to straighten out the system of functional component manufacturing enterprises and expand and strengthen a number of functional component manufacturing enterprises

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