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Pay close attention to water pump technical personnel, sunshine pump industry survival and development road

the application scope of water pump is now more and more extensive, and its industry plays an increasingly important role in people's life. In the development of the water pump industry in recent years, whether in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, technological breakthroughs of enterprises or the innovation of social management system, Shanghai has many more successful explorations, rapidly developing enterprises and excellent individuals. These developments are worth recording and praising

Xiao Xu, who came to the small countryside around Shanghai, looks very shy. This 20-year-old boy entered Shanghai Sunshine pump industry in 2004 and obtained the qualification of senior boring worker in the company's skill training center. The salary will also increase the shrinkage rate from more than 2000 yuan a month to more than 6000 yuan now. If he performs well and meets the conditions in the future, he can also apply for an interest free loan of 150000 yuan for house purchase or even exempt the principal. Xiao Xu is just one of more than 500 skilled workers in sunshine pump industry. Since 2005, the company has increased the skill training of employees and introduced various measures to retain excellent employees, so that the technological innovation strategy of the enterprise can be smoothly promoted, and the sales value has increased from more than 80 million yuan to more than 800 million now. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to survive due to the rising prices of raw materials and labor costs, but the company's products are in short supply, with sales and profit growth of more than 40% in the first half of the year, which has become a model for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Shanghai

Xiao Xu's growth is an epitome of sunshine pump's emphasis on skilled talents. "Product innovation is inseparable from the support of talents. For many years, we have been emphasizing the skill training of employees and providing them with various benefits, so that they are willing to stay in the company for development." General manager of sunshine pump said

the emphasis on talents stems from the technological innovation strategy vigorously promoted by sunshine pump in recent years. In the interview with relevant personnel of sunshine pump industry, technological innovation is one of the most frequent words

the rapid development of sunshine pump industry cannot fail to mention its informatization transformation. "The manufacturing of underwater sewage pump equipment involves a lot of design and calculation, and with the development and expansion of the enterprise, the traditional management mode can no longer adapt to the development of the information society. Therefore, many years ago, we carried out information transformation. Through ERP management, the company's raw materials, WIP and finished products inventory was clear at a glance, and the raw materials inventory and the occupation of funds were greatly reduced, which improved the capital turnover efficiency of the enterprise.

[warm (3) Install the spherical lower platen on the platen prompt]: Shanghai Sunshine Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park, is a famous large diversified enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales and service in China, with a registered capital of 11million yuan. Leading products include: screw pump, diaphragm pump, stainless steel submerged pump, magnetic pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, multi-stage pump, self-priming pump, gear oil pump, metering pump, sanitary pump, vacuum pump, submersible pump, rotor pump and other categories. Products with superior performance and excellent quality have obtained various professional certificates and customer recognition. The company has a number of pump experts and various middle and senior engineers, who constantly develop and manufacture, and upgrade products are available every year

the latest report on the high performance of the Sunshine brand water pump shows that it is good for people to create a brand with excellent quality

at present, in the selection of scientific and technological innovation enterprises in the water pump industry organized by the Shanghai water pump industry association, Shanghai Sunshine pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry and customers with its excellent innovation ability and excellent quality, won the title of "innovative enterprise", and the general manager has been rated as "pioneer in the water pump industry"

sunshine pump is a comprehensive water pump manufacturing enterprise integrating product research, development, production, sales and service. The special water pumps produced include stainless steel submerged pumps, magnetic pumps, submerged sewage pumps, etc., which are mostly used in petrochemical systems, power stations and other fields. The company continues to innovate technology, introduce equipment and expand channels. The enterprise has successively passed the gb/t:iso9001z quality management system certification and the pressure pipe components ts "special equipment manufacturing license" certification. According to reports, the total output value of sunshine pump industry in 2012 reached more than 50 million yuan, and as of October this year, it has equaled the total output value of last year, and is expected to make a new breakthrough

"a real good brand is not only to obtain various trophy certificates and honors, but also a good reputation in the eyes of consumers". The general manager who has been engaged in the pump industry for more than 30 years has his own unique views on the brand construction of enterprises. In his view, if an enterprise wants to create a brand, it must first improve its quality. The quality of the water pump is a long-term process of verification. It is not only necessary to achieve high precision and high standards, but also to deal with the scouring of various harsh environments and the test of time. It is reported that at the beginning of product development, the sunshine special water pump was implemented in accordance with the relevant national industry standards, and the quality was strictly controlled. The types of pumps produced are not too many but extensive, and strive to be professional and precise. The advantages of products are mainly reflected in performance, appearance and service life. In addition, the technical team led by the general manager and senior engineer not only ensures the optimization of product quality and performance from the source, but also establishes a good reputation among customers by regularly visiting customers and providing technical support and after-sales service. "First class quality and perfect service are the basis for our products to be based on the market. Since its launch, sunshine pump has achieved zero complaints and zero accidents." Speaking of the quality of his products, general manager Li seems confident

in the face of unprecedented fierce market competition, the general manager has a thorough plan on how to carry out efficient brand operation

first of all, technology and equipment are the foundation to support the development of the enterprise. With the continuous increase of orders in recent years, the personnel and production scale of sunshine pump industry are also expanding. The enterprise comprehensively improves production capacity and efficiency by introducing advanced high-tech instruments in the industry such as CNC lathes, painting lines and electronic testing equipment

the second is to innovate technology and seek industrial upgrading. On the one hand, through technological innovation, we can create characteristic products. The screw pump independently developed by sunshine has a leading technical level in the industry. On the other hand, we should pay close attention to market trends, enrich product categories and extend product lines, such as magnetic pumps, based on the existing production scale, to meet different market needs

the last is to cultivate a high-level technical talent team. Sunshine pump has gradually established a talent training mechanism to effectively ensure the talent demand for R & D and production

[warm tips]: in recent years, sunshine pump has won "2011 has a long way to go, China's top ten pump brands" and "2013 golden reputation Award for the most growing pump brand". The brilliance of sunshine pump will continue to rise in 2014

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